1. (general) 
a. la bandera (F) 
2. (on boat) 
a. la pabellón m, bandera (F) 
Flag Daydía de la bandera en Estados Unidos, 14 de junio
flag daydía m de la banderita, día m de cuestación
transitive verb
3. (general) 
to flag (down) a taxillamar or parar a un taxi
to flag a mistakeseñalar un error
intransitive verb
4. (person) 
a. desfallecer 
5. (conversation, interest) 
a. decaer 
6. (strength) 
a. flaquear 
flag [flæɡ]
[of country] bandera (f); (Náut) pabellón (m); (for charity) banderita (f); (small, as souvenir, also Sport) banderín (m)
flag of convenience pabellón (m) de conveniencia; flag of truce bandera (f) blanca; to raise/lower the flag izar/arriar la bandera
to keep the flag flying mantener alto el pabellón
he was delighted by his latest Open victory. He said: `It's great to keep the European flag flying'
to show the flag hacer acto de presencia
to wrap o.s. or drape o.s. in the flag especially (US) escudarse en el patriotismo
transitive verb
(mark) [+path] señalar con banderitas; [+item, reference] señalar; marcar;(also flag down) [+taxi] (hacer) parar;
flag bearer (n) abanderadoaabanderada (m) (f);a abanderada
...Thomas, the English flag bearer at last week's opening ceremony One man stands alone as the flag-bearer for old-fashioned songwriting ideals ...coach Frank Dick, who sees David Grindley and Curtis Robb as the flag-bearers for a new golden era of British athletics ...the traditional flag bearers of human rights like the clergy, thinkers, writers and intellectuals
flag day (n) día de colecta de una organización benéfica
Flag Day (n) (US) día (m) de la Bandera 14 junio; (14 junio)
flag officer (n) (Náut) oficial (m) superior de la marina
flag stop (n) (US) parada (f) discrecional
flag [flæɡ]
(Bot) falso ácoro (m); lirio (m)
flag [flæɡ]
intransitive verb
[+strength, person] flaquear; [+enthusiasm] enfriarse; decaer; [+conversation] decaer;
flag [flæɡ]
(also flagstone) losa (f)
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