transitive verb
1. (to repair) 
a. arreglar 
The plumber is coming to fix the hot-water heater this afternoon.El fontanero vendrá a arreglar la caldera esta tarde.
b. reparar 
If they don't fix that bridge, someone is going to get hurt.Si no reparan ese puente, alguien se va hacer daño.
2. (to attach) 
a. fijar 
He fixed the portrait of his mother to the wall over the sofa in the living room.Fijó el retrato de su madre a la pared sobre el sofá en la sala de estar.
b. pegar 
There was a sign fixed to a tree that said "No Trespassing".Había un cartel pegado a un árbol que ponía "Prohibido el paso".
c. asegurar 
After fixing that post in place, we'll dig the next hole.Después de asegurar ese poste en su sitio, cavaremos el siguiente agujero.
d. calar (military) 
The soldiers fixed their bayonets and leapt from the trench.Los soldados calaron las bayonetas y saltaron de la trinchera.
3. (to direct one's eyes to) 
a. fijar 
Fix your eyes on the horizon.Fija los ojos en el horizonte.
b. clavar 
She fixed her eyes upon him and she told him that she was leaving.Le clavó los ojos y le dijo que se iba.
4. (to establish) 
a. fijar 
After much debate, we fixed the price at three dollars per square meter.Después de mucho debate, fijamos el precio a tres dólares por metro cuadrado.
5. (to make presentable) (United States) 
a. arreglarse 
Hold on; I just need to fix my hair.Espérate, solo tengo que arreglarme el pelo.
6. (to arrange) 
a. fijar 
We've fixed our monthly meeting for this Friday.Hemos fijado la reunión mensual para este viernes.
7. (to neuter or spay) 
a. operar 
It's important that you get your pets fixed.Es importante que operen a sus mascotas.
8. (to cook) 
a. preparar 
Are you hungry? Here, I'll fix you something.¿Tienes hambre? Mira, te preparo algo.
9. (slang) (to kill) 
a. cargarse a (colloquial) 
If they don't want to sell their business for the fair price we offered, then we'll just have to fix them.Si no quieren vender su empresa por el precio justo que les ofrecimos, pues tan solo tendremos que cargárnoslos.
b. liquidar 
The mobsters fixed him real quick when they found out he was a rat.Los mafiosos lo liquidaron bien rápido cuando supieron que era un chivato.
10. (colloquial) (to manipulate) 
a. amañar 
Why isn't he fighting? Did someone fix the fight?¿Por qué no pelea? ¿Amañaron la pelea?
b. arreglar 
The corporation has been fixing the races for years.La corporación ha estado arreglando estas carreras por años.
11. (to make permanent) 
a. fijar 
If you don't let the dye fix to your hair, it could run when you wash it.Si no dejas que la tintura fije a tu pelo, se puede desteñir cuando la laves.
12. (to deal with) 
a. arreglar 
He doesn't want to pay us back? We'll fix him!¿No quiere devolvernos el dinero? ¡Ya lo arreglamos!
13. (to implant) 
She has the idea of attending a prestigious university fixed in her mind.Se le ha metido en la cabeza la idea de asistir a una universidad prestigiosa.
The image of her face will forever be fixed in my mind.La imagen de su cara siempre me quedará grabada en la mente.
intransitive verb
14. (to intend) (United States) 
I'm fixing to go hunting this weekend.Tengo pensado ir de caza este fin de semana.
We were fixing to go that concert, but it's showing all the signs of a storm.Estábamos planeando ir a ese concierto, pero tiene toda la pinta de que va a haber una tempestad.
15. (solution) 
a. el arreglo (M) 
There are some things that don't have an easy fix.Hay algunas cosas que no tienen arreglo fácil.
16. (navigation) 
a. la posición (F) 
Do we have a fix on the coordinates of the island?¿Tenemos una posición de las coordenadas de la isla?
17. (difficult situation) 
a. el apuro (M) 
He's a good friend when you're in a fix.Es un buen amigo cuando estás en un apuro.
b. el aprieto (M) 
You should always carry cash in case you get into a fix.Siempre deberías llevar efectivo por si te encuentras en un aprieto.
18. (drug) 
a. el pinchazo (M) 
He gets really sick if he doesn't have his fix.Se pone muy enfermo si no se mete un pinchazo.
b. la dosis (F) 
Sometimes I just need a fix of stupid television.A veces solo necesito una dosis de televisión tonta.
c. el chute (M) (slang) (Spain) 
If she doesn't get her fix, she goes crazy.Si no se mete un chute, se vuelve loca.
19. (set-up) 
a. el tongo (M) (colloquial) 
We knew the election was a fix, but we voted anyway.Sabíamos que hubo tongo en la elección, pero votamos de todos modos.
1. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (difficulty) 
to be in a fixestar en un lío
to get into a fixmeterse en un lío
2. (of drug) 
a. el pico (M) 
b. el chute (M) (Spain) 
3. (fig) 
my daily fix of television newsmi dosis diaria de noticias
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (set-up) 
the match/quiz was a fixel partido/concurso estaba amañado
transitive verb
5. (attach securely) 
a. fijar 
to fix something in one's memoryfijar algo en la memoria
to fix one's attention on somethingfijar la atención en algo
to fix one's eyes on somebodyfijar la mirada en alguien
6. (decide; limit, price) 
a. fijar 
nothing is fixed yetno hay nada fijo todavía
7. (repair) 
a. arreglar 
8. (arrange; meeting) 
a. organizar 
just wait while I fix my hairespera mientras me peino
9. (colloquial) 
I'll fix him!¡se va a enterar!
10. (colloquial) 
a. amañar (rig; election, contest) (Spain) 
b. arreglar (Latin America) 
to fix somebody breakfast/a drinkpreparar el desayuno/una bebida a alguien
fix [fɪks]
transitive verb
1 (position) fijar; asegurar
to fix sth in place fijar or asegurar algo en su sitio
the dentist fixed the crown in place he fixed the earrings in place It was the custom to erect monuments round the well by placing on end a long flagstone, and heaping round it a pyramid of sand in order to keep it fixed firmly in its place
to fix a stake in the ground clavar or fijar una estaca en el suelo
there is a custom of fixing a sheaf of corn in a prominent place to ensure fertility for the coming year
2 (attach) (with nails) clavar; (with string) atar; amarrar; (with glue) pegar
fix it on the wall fix the chair leg with glue
to fix sth to sth: fix the mirror to the wall fije el espejo a la pared; I fixed the hose to the tap ajusté la manguera al grifo; the phone is fixed to the wall el teléfono está colgado de la pared; the chairs and desks are fixed to the floor las sillas y mesas están sujetas or atornilladas al suelo
drill holes then fix both hinges to the door there was a sign fixed to the trunk of a tree some people prefer to use hand-held shower heads rather than those fixed to the wall he fixed a bayonet to the end of his rifle
they fixed the two pieces of bone together with a metal plate unieron los dos trozos de hueso con una placa de metal
[+bayonet] calar
with fixed bayonets con bayonetas caladas
3 (set firmly)
to fix sth in one's memory/mind grabar algo en la memoria/la mente; the image of her was now firmly fixed in his mind su imagen estaba ahora firmemente grabada en su mente
My wife and I had lunch together in the hotel # the sort of lunch which one would be happy to forget, but which nevertheless remains painfully fixed in the memory It was a moment to take and fix in the memory, to be taken out and re-lived again and again he observed her with real attention, fixing her in his memory How much of the scene could he fix in his memory before the ship sailed? April 19 is the new date firmly fixed in Atherton's mind for his comeback I rode back to Edgerton Avenue from time to time after we moved, to look around, and to fix in my mind the route back Amy watched the child's intent face eagerly, trying to fix it in her mind Everyone subconsciously carries around with them an image of how their ideal partner should look, but once it is fixed in one's mind, the imprint is there for life
4 (lay)
to fix the blame on sb echar la culpa a algn
5 (arrange, settle) [+date, time] fijar; [+meeting] fijar; convenir
we must fix a date to have lunch tenemos que fijar un día para quedar a comer; nothing's been fixed yet todavía no se ha decidido or acordado nada; I've fixed it for you to meet her lo he arreglado para que la conozcas
he fixed a job for me I'll fix everything he's going to fix a time when I can see him
how are you fixed for this evening? ¿tienes planes para esta noche?; how are we fixed for money? ¿qué tal andamos de dinero?; how are we fixed for time? ¿cómo vamos de tiempo?
6 (set) (honestly) [+price, rate] fijar; (rig) [+fight, race, election] amañar; [+price] fijar
they're in a dispute over price fixing tienen una disputa por la fijación de los precios
the price of milk is fixed annually a cartel that fixed the price of steel for the construction market they were offered bribes to fix the decisive match
7 (rivet) [+eyes, gaze] fijar; clavar; [+attention] fijar
she fixed her eyes on him le clavó los ojos; fijó la mirada en él; he fixed his gaze on the horizon miró fijamente al horizonte; she fixed him with an angry glare lo miró fijamente con indignación; she had fixed all her hopes on passing the exam tenía todas sus esperanzas puestas en aprobar el examen
he fixed his attention on the boy before him he fixed her with a look of deep concern The realities are different from the issues on which politicians, economists, scholars, businessmen, union leaders still fix their attention You will be asked to fix your attention to a dot in the back center of the globe fix your attention on the practicalities all eyes were fixed on her he fixed his jaw and carried on
8 (repair) [+car, appliance] arreglar; reparar
someone is coming to fix the television today if it's broken, we'll fix it he can't fix the electricity
to get or have sth fixed arreglar or reparar algo; I've got to get my car fixed this week tengo que arreglar or reparar el coche esta semana; tengo que llevar el coche a arreglar or reparar esta semana; I should have my teeth fixed tendría que arreglarme los dientes
9 (solve) [+problem] solucionar
it's not too late to fix the problem campaigners argue that the Maastricht treaty would fix that problem by creating a European central bank Chrysler says the calls are being made to ensure customer satisfaction and fix any problems Technicians worked frantically for 45 minutes during the interval to try to fix the problem
10 (deal with) encargarse de (informal); (kill) cargarse a (informal)
I'll soon fix him! ¡ya me encargo yo de él! (informal); ¡ya le ajustaré las cuentas! (informal)
11 (prepare) [+meal, drink] preparar
I fixed myself a coffee me preparé un café
he stayed behind to fix lunch can I fix you a drink?
12 especially (US) (tidy up) [+hair, makeup] arreglar
to fix one's hair arreglarse el pelo
she was late, so she fixed her face in a hurry he fixed a gun on her they haven't been able to fix his position
13 (make permanent) [+film, colour, dye] fijar
egg yoke is used to fix the pigment
14 (neuter) [+animal] operar
intransitive verb
1 (intend) tener intención de
I'm fixing to go to graduate school tengo intención de or tengo pensado hacer estudios de postgraduado
I was just fixing to leave to be fixing [to] do sth
2 (arrange)
we had already fixed to go to the theatre ya habíamos quedado para ir al teatro
1 (predicament) apuro (m); aprieto (m)
to be in/get into a fix estar/meterse en un apuro or un aprieto
how did she get into this fix? it looks like we're all in the same fix How in the hell had she got herself into a fix like this one?
2 [of drug] (gen) dosis (f); (when injected) pinchazo (informal) (m); chute (m) (very_informal); (Esp)
to give o.s. a fix pincharse (informal); chutarse (very_informal); (Esp) she needs her daily fix of publicity necesita su dosis diaria de publicidad
a quick energy fix I've been all day without my chocolate fix we get to hear a lot about what drugs do to people, the way kids act - anything to get the next fix /teenagers get an instant fix by/ crushing the crystal-like powder in their hand and snorting it, or /swallowing a capsule/
3 (Aer) (Náut) posición (f)
take a fix on that submarine
to get a fix on sth establecer la posición de algo; localizar algo; it's been hard to get a fix on what's going on ha sido difícil entender lo que pasa
the army hasn't been able to get a fix on the transmitter he's hard to get a fix on /It's difficult to get a fix on what brokers earn/. Their commissions depend on the number and cost of the properties they sell
4 (set-up) tongo (informal) (m)
the fight/result was a fix hubo tongo en la pelea/el resultado (informal)
5 (solution) arreglo (m); apaño (informal) (m)
many of the changes could just be a temporary fix
there is no quick-fix solution to this problem no existe un arreglo or apaño (informal) rápido para este problema
the Prime Minister gambled with a quick fix for the economy there have been noises both out of the White House and out of the Congress in recent weeks suggesting that there's a quick fix to this the Federal Reserve Board warned Congress not to reach for a quick-fix solution
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Participle: arreglado
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