1. (state of health) 
He has to work on his fitness if he wants to join the army.Si quiere alistarse en el ejército, tiene que trabajar su forma física.
You must maintain physical fitness and have a healthy diet.Necesitas estar en buena forma física y seguir una dieta saludable.
c. la salud (F) 
Walking is good for your fitness.Caminar es bueno para la salud.
2. (suitability) 
The species' fitness for survival is determined by the environment.El entorno determina la aptitud de la especie para sobrevivir.
The warriors gathered to prove their fitness for war.Los guerreros se reunieron para probar su capacidad para la guerra.
1. (health) 
a. la buena forma (F) 
2. (suitability) 
a. la aptitud (F) 
fitness [ˈfɪtnɪs]
1 (suitability) (gen, for post) aptitud (f); capacidad (f);for para
she doubted his fitness to drive dudaba que se encontrase en condiciones de conducir
the tremor in his hands made her doubt his fitness to drive letters reveal little apparent anxiety about his fitness for command of the largest army in Britain's history fitness to govern is not an inherent human quality The senator says he remains unconvinced of Gates' fitness for the job senators are trying to determine his fitness for a senior government position
2 (state of health) estado (m) físico; (good health) buena forma (f)
to be at the peak of fitness estar en condiciones óptimas; estar en plena forma
your ability to complete the course will depend on your level of fitness he has been worried about his fitness for some time you are interviewed to determine your fitness level a programme to improve your cardiovascular fitness Greater fitness helps in all kinds of stressful situations he attributes his great age to a lifetime of fitness
fitness fanatic (n) fanáticoafanática (m) (f) del mantenimiento físico;a fanática
Sir Ralph is a fitness fanatic who starts each day with a run or a workout in the company gym
fitness programme fitness program (US) (n) programa (m) de mantenimiento físico
Porta follows a fitness programme designed by Dr Sangenis specifically for middle age Botham is expected to follow a rigorous fitness programme before joining the rest of the England team
fitness test (n) prueba (f) de estado físico
health clubs usually give you some form of fitness test before organizaing an exercise programme their full-back passed his fitness test and will be playing on Saturday he faces a late fitness Test on his injured knee this morning
fitness training (n) entrenamiento (m)
next weekend the national rugby squad assemble for their fitness training if I hadn't put in all that fitness training last winter I'd be collapsing now Fitness training increases the muscles while actually reducing weight
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