1. (occupation or sport) 
a. la pesca (F) 
For these islanders, the most important industry is fishing.Pare estos isleños, la industria más importante es la pesca.
2. (related to fishing) 
a. pesquero 
The fishing quotas for cod have been increased.Las cuotas pesqueras para la merluza se han aumentado.
1. (general) 
a. la pesca (F) 
to go fishingir de pesca or a pescar
fishing boatbarco pesquero
fishing groundscaladeros mpl
fishing linesedal m
fishing netred de pesca
fishing portpuerto pesquero
fishing rodcaña de pescar
fishing [ˈfɪʃɪŋ]
pesca (f)
to go on a fishing expedition ir de pesca
fishing boat (n) barco (m) pesquero or de pesca
fishing fleet (n) flota (f) pesquera
fishing grounds (n) caladeros (m); pesquerías (f)
fishing industry (n) industria (f) pesquera
fishing licence (n) licencia (f) de pesca
fishing line (n) sedal (m)
fishing net (n) red (f) de pesca
fishing port (n) puerto (m) pesquero
fishing rod (n) caña (f) de pescar
fishing tackle (n) equipo (m) de pesca
Phrases with "fishing"
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fishing net
la red de pesca
we went fishing
fuimos a pescar
I went fishing
fui a pescar
go fishing
ir a pescar
fishing pole
la caña de pescar
fishing rod
la caña de pescar
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