feminine noun
1. (position) 
a. district attorney (United States) 
La fiscalía quiere investigar a la empresa por fraude.The district attorney wants to investigate the company for fraud.
b. public prosecutor (United Kingdom) 
La fiscalía concluyó que no había indicios suficientes para juzgar al hombre.The public prosecutor concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to bring the man to trial.
2. (office) 
a. district attorney's office (United States) 
La fiscalía se encuentra en este edificio, junto a un bufete de abogados.The district attorney's office is located in this building, next to a law firm.
b. public prosecutor's office (United Kingdom) 
Benjamín visitó la fiscalía para entregar en mano algunas pruebas.Benjamin visited the public prosecutor's office to hand over some evidence.
1. (law) 
a. ≃ post of public prosecutor (United Kingdom) 
b. ≃ post of district attorney (United States) 
2. (oficina) 
a. ≃ public prosecutor's office (United Kingdom) 
b. ≃ district attorney's office (United States) 
office of the public prosecutor; District Attorney's office; (EEUU)
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