firming looks like it is a form of the word firm.
1. (steady, definite) 
a. firme 
the firm favoriteel gran favorito
it is my firm belief that…creo firmemente que…
2. (strict) 
a. firme, estricto(a) 
to be firm with somebodyser estricto(a) con alguien
she was polite but firmse mostró educada, pero firme
3. (general) 
to stand firmmantenerse firme
she held firm to her principlesse mantuvo firme en sus principios
firm [fɜːm]
firmer (comparative)firmest (superlative)
1 (solid) [+base] firme; sólido; [+mattress, stomach, thighs] duro
this pillow provides firm support for the neck
(secure) [+hold] firme; seguro
these legends have a firm basis in fact estas leyendas están sólidamente basadas en hechos reales
the negotiators have no firm basis for their position there seems to be a firm basis for policy intervention
to be on firm ground pisar terreno firme
Do not fight your battle emotionally, plan your strategy and make sure you are on firm ground you're on firm ground now you've equalized the score With Robert Maxwell on the horizon and strife still crowding in Venables can no longer be sure that he is operating on firm ground
as firm as a rock (tan) firme como una roca
the dam, standing there since the nineteen fifties, was as firm as a rock in the face of intransigence he had been as firm as a rock
2 (staunch) [+belief, support] firme; [+friends] íntimo; [+friendship] sólido
the two became firm friends Yeltsin does not have enough firm support to ensure that he will emerge from this crisis he gave his firm support to President Gorbachev's policies
she's a firm believer in justice/discipline cree firmemente en la justicia/la disciplina
3 (resolute, decisive) [+decision, measures] firme; [+voice] seguro; firme
Ginette said in a cold, firm voice: `Driver, drive, if you know what's good for you he read out the responses in a firm voice
[+steps] decidido; resuelto
he was very firm about it se mostró muy firme or decidido
they want firm action against vandalism the time has certainly come for firm action with Serbia
we are taking a firm stand on this issue mantenemos una postura firme con respecto a esta cuestión
4 (severe) estricto; firme
to be firm with sb ser estricto or firme con algn
you have to be firm with her, accept no nonsense You've got to be firm with that lad, Gretch. Put your foot down She had to be firm with him. `I don't want to see you again," She began Be firm with yourself about accepting or `putting up with # things in a relationship
a firm hand: this horse needs a firm hand a este caballo hay que tratarlo con firmeza; this child needs a firm hand este niño necesita mano dura; he governed the country with a firm hand dirigió el país con mano dura
5 (definite) [+offer, order] en firme; [+evidence] concluyente; contundente
they won't go ahead without a firm commitment from us no van a seguir adelante hasta que no les demos una garantía en firme
there is no firm evidence that...
they are firm favourites to win the trophy son los grandes favoritos para llevarse el trofeo; chocolate is a firm favourite with children el chocolate siempre tiene el éxito asegurado con los niños
6 (set) firme
beat the egg whites until firm bata las claras a punto de nieve
bake for 20 mins or until firm freeze until firm
7 (Economics) (not subject to change) [+price] estable;
to stand firm mantenerse firme
America resolved to stand firm against Soviet pressure the British Guards were standing firm and pouring musket-fire at another enemy column urging his men to stand firm under their alarming first experience of cannon fire
firm [fɜːm]
firma (f); empresa (f)
a firm of accountants una firma or empresa de contabilidad; she joined a law firm se incorporó a un bufete de abogados
the old firm
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