feminine noun
1. signature (rúbrica) ; signing (acción)
  • estampar la firma -> to sign, to write one's signature
2. firm (empresa)

firma [feer'-mah]
1. Signature. (f)
2. A commercial house and its firm name. (f)
3. Order or rescript of a tribunal for keeping possession. (Province; Provinicial) (f)
  • Firma en blanco -> blank signature
  • Buena firma -> a house of standing, solvent

1 (nombre) signature; (acto) signing
es de mi firma I signed that; seis novelas de su firma six novels of his; six novels which he has written; me presentó varios documentos a la firma he handed me several documents to sign
él firmaba todo lo que su secretaria le presentaba a la firma Me presentó a la firma un misteriorso documento.
firma de libros book-signing session
2 (empresa) firm; company

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