1. (completed) 
a. terminado 
How can it not be finished yet?¿Cómo es posible que todavía no esté terminado?
b. acabado 
The finished projects are on display at the museum.Los proyectos acabados están en exhibición en el museo.
Once finished, the text will be sent to both parties.Una vez finalizado, el texto será enviado a ambas partes.
2. (over) 
a. acabado 
Whether their marriage is finished or not is up to them.Que su matrimonio esté acabado o no es cosa suya.
3. (used up) 
a. acabado 
I'm afraid the sugar is finished.Me temo que se ha acabado el azúcar.
4. (surfaced) 
a. chapado 
The closet is finished in walnut laminate.El closet está chapado con una lámina de nogal.
In the center of the room there is a table finished in mahogany.En el centro de la habitación hay una mesa con un acabado de caoba.
5. (ruined) 
a. acabado 
She was finished as a pilot after the accident.Como piloto estaba acabada después del accidente.
6. (refined) 
a. cuidado 
She gave a highly finished performance as Lady Macbeth.Ofreció una interpretación enormemente cuidada de Lady Macbeth.
7. (colloquial) (exhausted) 
a. hecho polvo (colloquial) 
I'm finished after running that race!¡Estoy hecho polvo después de correr esa carrera!
1. (completed) 
a. terminado(a), acabado(a) 
the job isn't finished yetel trabajo no está terminado aún
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
he's finished!¡está acabado!
3. (of high quality) 
a. elaborado(a) 
finished [ˈfɪnɪʃt]
1 (concluded) terminado
it's not finished yet aún no está terminado or acabado; when will you be finished? ¿(para) cuándo vas a terminar?; a half-finished meal una comida a medio terminar; he sent off the finished manuscript/version envió el manuscrito terminado/la versión final
nothing in the finished film made him ashamed of his involvement when he was finished he handed the letter back the new building should be finished by next year
he's finished with politics ha renunciado a la política; I'm not finished with you yet aún no he terminado or acabado contigo
2 (completed) acabado
the finished product el producto acabado or final
this greatly improves the appearance of the finished product
3 (polished) [+performance, production] pulido
she gave us an extremely finished performance of the Ravel piano concerto
4 (tired) rendido; hecho polvo (informal); (destroyed) acabado
their marriage is finished su matrimonio está acabado; as a film star she's finished como estrella está acabada
after the operation he was told his career in football was finished
5 (surfaced)
walnut-finished kitchen accessories accesorios (m) de cocina con un acabado de nogal; a building finished in smoked glass un edificio acabado con cristales ahumados
gear-lever knobs were finished in a bold blue hand-wound brooms with finished hardwood and sapling handles
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