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masculine noun
1. (act of settling) 
a. settlement 
Mi abogado supervisó el finiquito del contrato.My lawyer supervised the settlement of the agreement.
2. (financial compensation) 
a. settlement 
La aseguradora me tiene que pagar un finiquito de $1000.The insurance company has to pay me a settlement of $1000.
3. (notice of termination of employment) 
a. notice of dismissal 
Beto firmó el finiquito, tomó sus cosas y se fue.Beto signed the notice of dismissal, gathered his things, and left.
4. (compensation paid to an employee upon dismissal) 
a. severance pay 
¿Cuánto te dieron de finiquito?How much severance pay did they give you?
b. redundancy pay (United Kingdom) 
¿Te gastaste todo el finiquito en videojuegos?You spent all of your redundancy pay on video games?
1. (finance) 
a. settlement 
2. (por despido) 
a. redundancy settlement 
(Com) (Economía) settlement
dar el finiquito a una cuenta to settle an account; dar el finiquito a algn to dismiss sb
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