1. (anatomy) 
a. el dedo (M) 
I broke my finger in the car door.Me rompí el dedo con la puerta del coche.
2. (clothing) 
a. el dedo (M) 
Use gloves without fingers for weight lifting.Use guantes sin dedos para levantar pesas.
3. (strip) 
a. la franja (F) 
A finger of smoke rose high above the volcano.Una franja de humo se elevaba por encima del volcán.
4. (geography) 
a. la lengua (F) 
Florida is a finger of land surrounded by water on three sides.Florida es una lengua de tierra rodeada de agua por tres lados.
5. (measure) 
a. el dedo (M) 
Ted poured himself three fingers of vodka.Ted se sirvió tres dedos de vodka.
6. (colloquial) (obscene gesture) (United States) 
a. el dedo (M) 
You know what he did then? He gave me the finger!¿Sabes lo que hizo después? ¡Me sacó un dedo!
b. la peineta (F) (colloquial) (Spain) 
Alright, we gave him the finger, but who would have thought he'd chase us down because of that!Vale, le hicimos una peineta, pero ¡quién iba a esperar que nos persiguiera por eso!
transitive verb
7. (to touch) 
a. tocar 
Please don't finger the strawberries.Por favor, no toquen las fresas.
b. toquetear 
Stop fingering the food.Deja de toquetear la comida.
8. (slang) (to inform on) 
a. delatar 
Vito fingered Frankie to get less time in jail.Vito delató a Frankie para pasar menos tiempo en la cárcel.
b. acusar 
The bank secretary fingered her boss for the robbery.La secretaria del banco acusó a su jefe del robo.
9. (music) 
a. pulsar (keys or strings) 
He picked up the clarinet and started to finger the keys.Cogió el clarinete y empezó a pulsar las teclas.
b. tocar (an instrument) 
Hugo learned to finger the trumpet when he was 11 years old.Hugo aprendió a tocar la trompeta cuando tenía 11 años.
c. marcar la digitación de (notes or chords) 
Elena showed Cristal how to finger some notes with her right hand.Elena enseñó a Cristal a marcar la digitación de algunas notas con la mano derecha.
1. (of hand, glove) 
a. el dedo (M) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to keep one's fingers crossedcruzar los dedos
finger bowlbol or cuenco para las manos
finger buffetbufé a base de canapés y aperitivos
finger foodcosas fpl de picar
3. (measure) 
a. no direct translation 
a finger of brandyun dedo de coñac
4. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
he's got them (wrapped) round his little fingerlos tiene a sus pies
to have a finger in every pieestar metido(a) en todo
don't you dare lay a finger on himno te atrevas a tocarle un pelo
she wouldn't lift a finger to help youno levantaría or movería un dedo por ayudarte
I can't quite put my finger on itno consigo dar con ello
to get one's fingers burntsalir escaldado or escarmentado
5. (very fam) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
get or pull your finger out!¡mueve el culo! ¡mové las bolas!
transitive verb
6. (feel) 
a. tocar 
7. (colloquial) 
a. soplar acerca de (inform on) 
b. pasar el dato de (River Plate) 
finger [ˈfɪŋɡəʳ]
1 (Anat) dedo (m)
he ran his fingers through her hair he wore a ring on his third finger to [count] on the fingers of one hand
I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times you've taken me out con los dedos de la mano se pueden contar las veces que me has sacado
to cross one's fingerskeep one's fingers crossed
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you cruzo los dedos (por ti); ojalá tengas suerte; fingers crossed! (for someone) ¡(que tengas) suerte!; ¡buena suerte!; (for o.s.) ¡deséame suerte!
he crossed his fingers and asked for luck
index finger (dedo (m)) índice (m)
to [lay] a finger on sb
they never laid a finger on her no le pusieron la mano encima
don't you ever lay a finger on him again to [lift] [raise] a finger (to do sth)
he didn't lift a finger to help us no movió un dedo para ayudarnos
she never lifts a finger around the house nunca mueve un dedo para ayudar en la casa
little finger (dedo (m)) meñique (m)
middle finger (dedo (m)) corazón (m) or medio (m)
ring finger (dedo (m)) anular (m)
to snap one's fingers chasquear los dedos
she only has to snap her fingers and he comes running no tiene más que chasquear los dedos y él viene corriendo
to burn one's fingers
get one's fingers burnt
pillarse los dedos
he burned his fingers by promising them more than he could afford he's had his fingers burnt by bad deals
to get or pull one's finger out espabilarse
isn't it about time you pulled your finger out?
to have a finger in every pie estar metido en todo
my boss likes to have a finger in every pie he's a man with a finger in lots of pies
to point the finger at sb acusar a algn; señalar a algn
evidence points the finger of suspicion at his wife las pruebas señalan a su mujer como sospechosa
he said he wasn't going to point the finger at anyone to have keep one's finger on the pulse
to put one's finger on sth
there's something wrong, but I can't put my finger on it hay algo que está mal, pero no sé exactamente qué; there was nothing you could put your finger on no había nada concreto
it's a feeling I can't quite put my finger on she couldn't put her finger on why she felt uneasy to put the finger on sb to slip through sb's fingers
to slip through one's fingers escapársele de las manos
I'm sorry, the cup just slipped through my fingers you shouldn't let a chance like this slip through your fingers money has always slipped through his fingers don't let him slip through your fingers because you don't know how to make the next move to have sticky fingers if sb has sticky fingers, or is a sticky fingers, they have a tendency to take things that don't belong to them
to be all fingers and thumbs ser un/una manazas; ser muy desmañadoadesmañada;a desmañada
his fingers are all thumbs, he is all fingers and thumbs
he's got her twisted round his little finger hace con ella lo que quiere
to put two fingers up at sb
give sb the two fingers
hacer un corte de mangas a algn (informal)
to work one's fingers to the bone dejarse la piel trabajando (informal)
he's been working his fingers to the bone lately
2 [of glove] dedo (m)
it's got a hole in the finger I can't knit gloves - the fingers are too difficult
3 (shape) franja (f)
a finger of smoke una franja de humo; a finger of land projecting into the sea una lengua de tierra adentrándose en el mar
a thin finger of land that separates Pakistan from the Soviet Union a finger of smoke reached into the sky plantilla se da como universal aunque yo no lo conozco. galleta de champaña (Chi) y "vainilla" (Arg) (). Cristina cover the base with a layer of sponge fingers
4 (measure) [of drink] dedo (m)
I poured two fingers of bourbon into my glass I only had a finger of gin
transitive verb
1 (touch) toquetear
"I wonder" he said, fingering his beard A soldier fingering the trigger of his automatic rifle She ignored him and stood fingering rolls of cloth she had sat pensively fingering her little Russian brooch she fingered the stem of her wine glass he fingered the coins in his pocket Ronald paused reflectively, fingering his tie he stood there fingering one after another until he found one he liked she went round the house fingering the curtains, the ornaments
2 (Britain) (betray, inform on) delatar
people who have fingered drug dealers the police manipulated the witness so that he would finger Aldo
3 (Mús) [+piano] teclear; [+guitar] rasguear; [+music score] marcar la digitación de
finger bowl (n) lavafrutas (m)
finger buffet (n) buffet (m) de canapés
finger food (n) (for babies) comida que los bebés pueden agarrar y comer con las manos; (US) canapés (m)
crispy `pancakes" are terrific finger food for a buffet or snack we always eat finger food such as prosciutto
finger paint (n) pintura (f) para pintar con los dedos
Buy special finger paints from the Early Learning Centre a signpost in the shape of a finger, or showing a pointing finger or hand


masculine noun
1. (passageway into a plane) 
a. jetty 
En el finger, había una cola de pasajeros que esperaban para entrar en el avión.In the jetty, there was a line of passangers waiting to get on the plane.
b. walkway 
No había finger, y subimos al avión por una escalinata.There was no walkway, and we got on the plane by a stairway.
1. (general) 
a. jetty 
finger [ˈfinɡer]
fingers (plural) (Aeronáutica) (telescopic) passenger walkway
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