1. (very dirty) 
a. asqueroso(a) 
2. (very bad) 
to be in a filthy tempertener un humor de perros
he gave me a filthy lookme atravesó con la mirada
filthy weathertiempo de perros
3. (obscene; language, jokes) 
a. obsceno(a) 
4. (film, book) 
a. indecente 
b. guarro(a) (Spain) 
5. (colloquial) 
filthy richasquerosamente rico(a)
filthy [ˈfɪlθɪ]
filthier (comparative)filthiest (superlative)
1 (dirty) [+hands, room, house] asqueroso; [+bathtub] mugriento; mugroso; (LAm) [+clothes] muy sucio; [+water] inmundo
the water they have to drink is filthy the bath was filthy he was dressed in filthy rags like a beggar
2 (indecent) [+language, behaviour] grosero; obsceno; [+joke] verde; [+sense of humour] obsceno
he has a filthy sense of humour they were telling filthy jokes Oral sex was filthy. She never mentioned it I don't want to know about your filthy habits
3 (despicable) asqueroso
she called him a filthy murderer lo llamó un asesino asqueroso
he's a filthy brute, never sober I'm not having any of you filthy murderers in here
4 [+weather] asqueroso (informal); de perros (informal); [+temper] de perros (informal); de mil diablos (informal)
what filthy weather we're having! it's a filthy day isn't it?
she was in a filthy temper estaba con un humor de perros or de mil diablos (informal)
the children came home filthy dirty los niños llegaron a casa sucísimos; los niños llegaron a casa hechos un asco (informal)
whatever he wore, he got filthy dirty the minute he went out
they're filthy rich están podridos de dinero (informal); son unos ricachos (informal)
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