feminine noun
1. figure (objeto, de persona) ; shape (forma)
  • una figura en la oscuridad -> a shadowy form
  • figura geométrica -> geometrical figure o shape
  • figura paterna -> father figure
  • figura de porcelana -> china o porcelain figure
2. (well-known) figure (personaje destacado)
  • figuras del mundo del deporte -> well-known figures from the sporting world
3. picture card, face card (en naipes)
4. (linguistics)
  • figura retórica -> figure of speech
5. (law)
  • figura jurídica -> legal concept
masculine or feminine noun
6. (informal)
  • es un figura -> he's really something (peninsular Spanish)

figura [fe-goo'-rah]
1. Figure, the form of anything. (f)
  • De figura entera -> full-length
2. The shape, the particular external appearance of a thing (forma). (f)
3. Face, mien, countenance. (f)
4. Figure, statue, image, anything formed in resemblance of something else. (f)
5. (Law.) Form, mode. (f)
6. 1. (Music) (f)
7. Figure, any deviation from the rules of analogy or syntax. (Grammer) (f)
8. Figure, a space included in certain lines. (Geometry) (f)
9. Figure, any mode of speaking in which words are distorted from their literal and primitive sense (personaje). (Rhetoric) (f)
  • Natural or genio y figura hasta la sepultura -> (Prov.) what is bred in the bone will never come out of the flesh
10. Figure (baile, patinaje). (f)
11. Marionette (títere). (f)
12. Picture card (naipes). (f)
13. A foolish person assuming an air of importance and dignity. (m)
  • Ser un figura -> to be a big name
14. Person of a mean or ridiculous appearance. (m)
noun, plural
15. In games of cards, the king, queen, and knave. (f)
A musical note; 2. motive, theme, subject.

1 (estatua) figure
una figura de porcelana a porcelain figure
de figura entera
figura decorativa decorative motif; figurehead
figura de nieve snowman
2 (forma) shape; form
una chocolatina con figura de pez a fish-shaped chocolate; a chocolate in the shape of a fish
3 (silueta) figure
tener buena figura to have a good figure
4 (personaje) figure
una figura destacada an outstanding figure; es una figura del toreo he's a big name in bullfighting; he's a famous bullfighter; la figura del partido de hoy (Dep) today's man of the match
figura de culto cult figure
figura paterna father figure
5 (Matemáticas) figure
figura geométrica geometric figure
6 (ademán)
hacer figuras to make faces
7 (Naipes) face card; (Ajedrez) piece; man
8 (Lingüística) figure
figura de dicción figura retórica figure of speech
9 (Teat) character; role
en la figura de in the role of
10 (Baile) (Patinaje) figure
11 (Música) note
12 (Astronomía)
figura celeste horoscope
13 (rostro) countenance
ser un figura to be a big name; be somebody

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