1. (confrontation) 
a. el enfrentamiento (M) (military) 
Fighting broke out between Russia and Ukraine in 2014.El enfrentamiento entre Rusia y Ucrania estalló en 2014.
There was no fighting at the soccer match this time.No hubo peleas en el partido de fútbol esta vez.
2. (argument) 
She left home because she couldn't deal with her parents' fighting anymore.Se fue de casa porque ya no podía más con los pleitos de sus padres.
3. (used for fighting) 
a. de pelea 
Fighting cocks have been outlawed in this town.Los gallos de pelea se han declarado ilegales en este pueblo.
4. (fit) 
a. buena 
I'm not in fighting shape, but I can still run pretty fast.No estoy en buena forma, pero todavía puedo correr rápido.
1. (general) 
a. la peleas (F) 
2. (military) 
a. la luchas (F) 
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to have a fighting chancetener posibilidad de ganar
to be fighting fitestar en plena forma
fighting forcesfuerzas de combate
fighting [ˈfaɪtɪŋ]
(between troops, armies) enfrentamientos (m); (between individuals) peleas (f)
he hates fighting odia las peleas
the German people believed the fighting would be over within a year For the duration of the fighting the port was useless to the British the general was killed in the fighting although the rebellion had been broken by 1923, sporadic fighting continued until 1928 fighting is not something we encourage in this school Charlie started saying he was going to quit the job, that he couldn't take the fighting and tension the government has called out troops to control fighting that has broken out in the streets the street fighting lasted all day
a fighting [chance]
we still have a fighting chance of beating them aún tenemos una buena posibilidad de vencerlos; this treatment at least gives her a fighting chance este tratamiento le da al menos una posibilidad
to be fighting fit estar en plena forma
Nathan is now fighting fit and ready to tackle school again after his three-month battle for life one day we feel fighting fit, the next a bit under the weather I'll be fighting fit again for the World Match Play Championship The official line is that Yeltsin, 60, is fighting fit
fighting bull (n) toro (m) de lidia
fighting cock (n) gallo (m) de pelea
fighting dog (n) perro (m) de pelea
fighting force (n) fuerza (f) de combate
he transformed those men into an effective fighting force he had been enlisted into the Polish fighting forces they are among the best-trained, best-equipped fighting forces in the world
fighting line (n) frente (m) de combate
fighting man (n) guerrero (m); soldado (m)
fighting spirit (n) espíritu (m) de lucha; combatividad (f)
fighting strength (n) número (m) de soldados (listos para el combate)
fighting talk (n)
the Prime Minister's fighting talk at the Rome summit las declaraciones de tono beligerante que hizo el Primer Ministro en la cumbre de Roma; this is typical fighting talk from the defending champion esta es una típica bravuconada del actual campeón
we will, of course, soon hear much fighting talk from promoter Mickey Duff about all the big names he's tried to find for big Frank
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stop fighting
dejar de pelear
they are fighting
están peleando, están peleándose
no fighting
no direct translation
they were fighting
estaban peleando
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