1. (animal, look) 
a. fiero(a) 
2. (heat) 
a. abrasador(ora) 
3. (contest, argument, criticism) 
a. encarnizado(a) 
4. (loyalty) 
a. fervoroso(a) 
fierce [fɪəs]
fiercer (comparative)fiercest (superlative)
1 (ferocious) [+animal] feroz; fiero; [+gesture, expression] feroz; [+temper] temible
the prime minister came under fierce attack from the opposition la oposición atacó ferozmente al primer ministro
PREMIER John Major came under a fierce attack from two former advisers to Mrs Thatcher Muslim forces launched a fierce attack on the town of Iliash Pope John Paul, on a visit to Poland, has launched a fierce attack on abortion The museum lady flashed a fierce look at Miss Melville from across the room, when she applauded she glared at her brother with a fierce expression he has a fierce temper
she gave me a fierce look me lanzó una mirada furibunda
2 (intense) [+competition, argument] encarnizado; [+storm, wind, opposition, resistance] violento; [+opponent] empedernido; acérrimo; [+pride, loyalty] impasionado; [+heat] intenso
fierce fighting broke out in the capital se produjeron enfrentamientos encarnizados en la capital
he is a fierce opponent of the death penalty fierce competition between TV networks has prompted stations to introduce bingo games during its news programmes they are facing fierce competition from overseas companies US tanks are engaged in a fierce battle with Republican Guard tanks fierce battle has been raging all morning around Vukovar the case has turned into a fierce debate on the oppression of women The poll tax had faced fierce opposition from the public since its implementation such a policy would inevitably draw fierce resistance from farmers and landowners the government still has to overcome fierce resistance from within the military to its proposed purge he is a lifelong Alabama resident and a fierce opponent of the death penalty His son inherited his father's fierce pride in his Scottishness Goodman can still inspire fierce loyalty in his fans A fierce storm blew through parts of the Northwest late last night a fierce wind whipped the hair into his eyes I remember a fierce argument breaking out after a women's liberation conference cabaret in the mid-1970s its leaves drooped a little in the fierce heat of the sun rescuers were beaten back by fierce heat and smoke
the fire was so fierce that it took several hours to put it out el fuego era tan intenso que se tardaron varias horas en apagarlo
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