feminine noun
1. deposit (depósito)
2. bail (law)
  • bajo fianza -> on bail
3. security, bond (garantía)

fianza [fe-ahn'-thah]
1. Caution, guarantee, security given for the performance of engagements (garantía). (f)
2. Reversion. (f)
3. Bond, security, bail. (f)
  • Fianza bancaria -> bank security given in Rome to insure pensions charged on ecclesiastical works
  • Dar fianza -> to give bail or a pledge
  • Bajo fianza -> on bail

1 (Jur) bail
bajo fianza on bail
fianza carcelera bail
2 (Com) (anticipo) deposit; (garantía) surety; security; bond
fianza de aduana customs bond
fianza de averías average bond
3 (persona) surety; guarantor

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