fiador, -ora
masculine or feminine noun
1. guarantor, surety
  • salir fiador, -ora por -> to vouch for

fiador [fe-ah-dor', rah]
1. One who trusts another. (m & f)
2. Bondsman, guarantor, surety, one who becomes security for another. (m & f)
3. The loop of a cloak. (m)
4. (Falcon.) Creance. (m)
5. Bolt or instrument with which something is made fast; stop, catch, safety catch, ratchet, detent, tumbler of a lock. (m)

fiadora fiadora
(Jur) (persona) guarantor; bondsman; (EEUU)
salir fiador por algn to stand security for sb; (Jur) to stand bail for sb
1 (Mecánica) catch; [de revólver] safety catch; safety; (EEUU) [de cerradura] tumbler; [de ventana] bolt; catch
2 (trasero) bottom; backside; butt (familiar); especialmente (EEUU)
3 (And) (S. Cone) [de perro] muzzle; [de casco] chinstrap

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