1. (agriculture) 
a. fértil 
The soil here is so fertile you can grow almost anything.La tierra aquí es tan fértil que se puede cultivar casi de todo.
2. (biology) 
a. fecundo 
The queen is the only fertile female in a colony of bees.La reina es la única hembra fecunda de una colonia de abejas.
b. fértil 
A woman is most fertile during ovulation.Una mujer alcanza su punto más fértil durante la ovulación.
3. (prolific) 
a. fértil 
I couldn't tell whether her story was true, or the product of a fertile imagination.No podría decir si su relato era verdad o el producto de su fértil imaginación.
b. fecundo 
His endlessly fertile mind was always coming up with new ideas for products.A su mente infinitamente fecunda siempre se le ocurrían nuevas ideas para productos.
1. (also fig) 
a. fértil 
fertile [ˈfɜːtaɪl]
1 (Agr) [+land, valley, soil] fértil
2 (Bio) [+woman, animal, phase] fértil; [+egg] fértil; fecundo
boys secrete live spermatozoa and girls ovulate fertile eggs Donor insemination is carried out during the fertile phase of the cycle a normally fertile couple can expect a pregnancy within one year
3 (productive) fértil; (creative) [+imagination, mind] fecundo; fértil
this was her most fertile period of writing como escritora, esta fue su época más fértil; this situation provides a fertile breeding ground for racists esta situación es un caldo de cultivo para el racismo
he has quite a fertile imagination the astonishing array of devices invented by the fertile minds of crooked gamblers his body and his social behavior could never keep up with his incredibly fertile mind The daily reports of a German crisis were usually the product of Charteris's fertile imagination I have quite a fertile imagination and I know what hurts him and where his soft underbelly is # and that's his material possessions we have no evidence whatever that any of them existed outside the fertile imaginations of the monks who invented them
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