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masculine noun
1. phenomenon (suceso)
  • fenómeno metereológico meteorological phenomenon
2. freak (monstruo)
  • es un fenómeno jugando al tenis she's an amazing tennis player
3. (informal)
  • pasarlo fenómeno to have a great o fantastic time
  • me siento fenómeno I feel great o fantastic
4. great!, terrific!
1 (atmosférico, acústico, psíquico) phenomenon
2 (monstruo) freak
3 (portento) genius
Pedro es un fenómeno Peter is a genius; Peter is altogether exceptional
(fenomenal) fantastic (familiar); brilliant (familiar)
una chica fenómena
lo hemos pasado fenómeno we had a fantastic o brilliant time (familiar); le va fenómeno he's getting on fantastically well o brilliantly (familiar)
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