feed back
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to return to the origin) 
The soil nourishes the tree, and the tree's fallen leaves feed back into the soil.La tierra nutre el árbol y las hojas caídas del árbol retroalimentan la tierra.
All our profits feed back into the company.Todas nuestras ganancias repercuten en la compañía.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to deliver a critique) 
Once a month, managers feed customer evaluations back to the employees.Una vez al mes, los directores proporcionan las evaluaciones de los clientes a los empleados.
feed back
transitive verb
[+information, results] proporcionar; facilitar
the technical departments monopolize customer contacts and feed back only selected pieces of information The Admiralty was so obsessed with secrecy that it refused to feed back operational information to its suppliers our spies were feeding back valuable information from around the world Experiences of how children are treated in practice are fed back into the system, to prevent mistakes being made she would sulk for days and that would feed back tension into the whole family
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