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1. pienso (m) (animal food)
2. toma (f) (for baby) (from breast, bottle)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp fed [fed])
3. alimentar, dar de comer a (give food to); amamantar, dar de mamar a (baby) (from breast); dar el biberón a (from bottle); echar fertilizante a (plant)
  • we were well fed nos dieron muy bien de comer
  • to feed one's family dar de comer a la familia
4. (supply)
  • to feed a fire alimentar un fuego
  • to feed coins into a machine introducir monedas en una máquina
  • to feed somebody with information proporcionar información a alguien
intransitive verb
5. alimentarse (on de)
feed [fiːd] fed (past)
transitive verb
1 (give meal to) [+person, animal] dar de comer a; [+baby] (bottle-feed) dar el biberón a; (breastfeed) dar de mamar a; dar el pecho a; [+plant] alimentar
they fed us well at the hotel nos dieron de comer bien en el hotel; have you fed the horses? ¿has dado de comer a los caballos?
(please) do not feed the animals prohibido dar de comer a los animales
you've made enough food to feed an army has hecho comida para un regimiento
we brought along some breadcrumbs and fed the birds the sparrow was busy feeding her young you mean you were there all evening and they didn't feed you? feed plants to encourage steady growth to feed o.s.
he has just started feeding himself acaba de empezar a comer solo
(provide food for) dar de comer (a); alimentar
now there was another mouth to feed ahora había que dar de comer a una boca más; ahora había una boca más que alimentar; feeding a family can be expensive dar de comer a or alimentar a una familia puede resultar caro; it is enough to feed the population for several months es suficiente para alimentar a la población durante varios meses
there are six mouths to feed in this house supplies to feed five million people
to feed sb sth feed sth to sb dar algo (de comer) a algn
to feed sth [to] sb, to feed sb sth
you shouldn't feed him that no deberías darle eso
he fed her ice cream with a spoon he fed ice cream to her with a spoon le dio helado con una cuchara
he was feeding bread to the ducks les estaba echando pan a los patos; what do you feed your dog on? ¿qué le das (de comer) a tu perro?; they have been fed a diet of cartoons and computer games los han tenido a base de dibujos animados y juegos de ordenador
she fed him a cookie feed fish to the cat
2 (supply) suministrar
gas fed through pipelines gas suministrado a través de tuberías; the blood vessels that feed blood to the brain los vasos sanguíneos que suministran sangre al cerebro; two rivers feed this reservoir dos ríos vierten sus aguas en este embalse; he stole money to feed his drug habit robaba dinero para costear su drogadicción; to feed the (parking) meter echar or meter monedas en el parquímetro
it was so cold, he spent all evening feeding the meter don't be too long, I don't want to have to keep feeding the parking meter
3 (tell)
to feed sb sth feed sth to sb: they fed us details of troop movements in the area nos facilitaron detalles de movimientos de tropas en la zona
he was being fed false information le estaban pasando información falsa; he was surrounded by people who fed him lies estaba rodeado de gente que le llenaba la cabeza de mentiras
to feed sb a line contar or soltar una bola a algn (informal)
she spent 3 days at the power station. She knew that she was being given the run around and being fed a line just let her feed you your lines we fed him the facts She had a small camping stove in her room, fed by a cylinder of gas their sense of humor meshed perfectly,and /they fed each other lines and anecdotes all evening/ Our mother excelled at jokes. We learned early to feed her lines just to watch her speed to the draw if you'll take my advice you'll let her feed you your lines. Just remember she's the star
4 (insert)
to feed sth into sth meter or introducir algo en algo; I fed a sheet of paper into the typewriter metí or puse una hoja de papel en la máquina de escribir; to feed data into a computer meter or introducir datos en un ordenador
the weather station automatically feeds information on wind direction to the computer Graham handed her the card and she fed the names into a computer he fed the CD into the player she was feeding documents into a paper shredder
5 (fuel) [+fire, emotion, feeling] alimentar; [+imagination] estimular
these rumours fed his fears estos rumores alimentaron sus miedos
the divorce was painful, feeding her dislike of the press Common gossip, fed by newspaper reports, has it that ... the volume of fuel escaping fed a fire which no extinguisher could contain travel can really feed the mind
to feed the flames echar leña al fuego
one more snide comment was enough to feed the flames of his anger
6 (Dep) [+ball] pasar
in order to improve our game, we need the forwards to feed the backs more he constantly fed the ball back to his goalkeeper
intransitive verb
1 (take food) (gen) comer; (at breast) mamar
after a few days the caterpillars stopped feeding sometimes she's feeding for hours when a baby is thirsty, it feeds more often
to feed on sth alimentarse de algo; comer algo; alimentarse de algo; the press feeds on intrigue la prensa se alimenta de las intrigas
the drinking and the guilt fed on each other slugs feed on decaying plant and animal material
2 (lead)
a river that feeds into the Baltic Sea un río que desemboca en el mar Báltico; this road feeds into the motorway esta carretera va a parar a la autopista; the money spent by consumers feeds back into industry el dinero que gastan los consumidores revierte en la industria
guerrillas blew up /an oil pipeline/ today /which feeds into the country's biggest refinery/ The oestrogen enters the bloodstream and feeds back to the pituitary gland
1 (food) (for animal) forraje (m); pienso (m)
the six o'clock feed (for baby) (breast or bottle feed) la toma de las seis; (baby food) la papilla de las seis; (ordinary food) la comida de las seis; it's time for his feed le toca comer
she's had a really good feed hay and feed may be at a premium this winter
to be off one's feed no tener apetito; estar desganado
if a horse is off his feed it is a sign that something is wrong with his health
2 (meal)
a good feed una buena comida
we could do with a decent feed comilona $ >
3 (Téc) (Comput) alimentador (m); (tube) tubo (m) de alimentación
4 (Teat) (straight man) personaje serio en una pareja cómica; (line) material (m) de un sketch cómico; (de un sketch cómico)
feed bag (n) morral (m)
feed merchant (n) vendedoravendedora (m) (f) de forraje or pienso;a vendedora
feed pipe (n) tubo (m) de alimentación
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Gerund: alimentando
Participle: alimentado
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