"features" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. rasgo (m) facción (f) (of face)
  • features -> facciones (f pl) (face)
2. característica (f) (of system, machine)
  • feature (film) -> largometraje (m)
3. reportaje (m) (in newspaper, on television, radio)
  • feature writer -> articulista (sustantivo masculino)
verbo transitivo
  • a film featuring… -> una película en la que figura…
verbo intransitivo
4. figurar, aparecer (appear)

feature [fi-char]
1. Semblante, rostro.
2. Facción del rostro, forma, figura.
3. Rasgo, carácter distintivo.
pl. Facciones, rostro, la cara entera.
va. Asemejarse, parecerse en el semblante o cara.

feature [ˈfiːtʃəʳ]
1 [of face] rasgo (m)
features rasgos (m); facciones (f)
2 [of countryside, building] característica (f)
3 (Comm) (Téc) elemento (m); rasgo (m)
4 (Teat) número (m); (Cine) película (f)
5 (Press) artículo (m) de fondo
a regular feature una crónica regular
6 (Ling) (also distinctive feature) rasgo (m) distintivo
1 [+actor, news] presentar; [+event] ocuparse de; enfocar; (in paper etc) presentar
a film featuring Garbo as ... una película que presenta a la Garbo en el papel de ...
2 (be equipped with) [+machine] estar provisto de; ofrecer
Some highly automated cameras feature a powered zoom The new Qualcast concorde E35 de luxe features an on/off safety button
1 (gen)
it featured prominently in ... tuvo un papel destacado en ...
2 (Cine) figurar; aparecer;in en
Jon featured in one of the show's most thrilling episodes
feature article (n) artículo (m) de fondo
a (special) feature article on sth/sb
feature film (n) (película (f) de) largometraje (m)
feature writer (n) articulista (m); cronista (m)

Verb Conjugations for "feature" (go to la característica)


I feature I featured I will feature
you feature you featured you will feature
he/she features he/she featured he/she will feature
we feature we featured we will feature
you feature you featured you will feature
they feature they featured they will feature
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