1. (fright) 
a. el miedo (M) 
He knew he should run from the bear, but fear paralyzed him.Sabía que debería correr del oso, pero el miedo lo paralizó.
2. (apprehension) 
a. el temor (M) 
My worst fear was being a bad parent.Mi mayor temor era convertirme en un mal padre.
transitive verb
3. (to be afraid of) 
I fear darkness and the unknown.Tengo miedo de la oscuridad y lo desconocido.
4. (to suspect) 
a. temer 
Nobody wants to believe it but I fear he's right.Nadie quiere creerlo, pero temo que tiene razón.
intransitive verb
5. (to be afraid of) 
a. temer 
The passengers feared for their lives as the ship began to sink.Los pasajeros temían por sus vidas mientras el barco se hundía.
1. (general) 
a. el miedo m, temor (M) 
to be or go in fear oftener miedo de
she was in fear of her lifetemía por su vida
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to put the fear of God into somebodymeter a alguien el miedo en el cuerpo
for fear ofpor miedo a
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
no fear!¡ni pensarlo! ¡ya mero!
transitive verb
4. (general) 
a. temer 
to fear that…temer(se) que…
I fear soeso me temo
I fear notme temo que no
to fear the worsttemerse lo peor
intransitive verb
5. (general) 
a. temer 
fear [fɪəʳ]
1 (terror) miedo (m)
he has overcome his fear of dogs ha superado su miedo a los perros
to be in fear of or for one's life temer por su propia vida
in fear of her life, she gave him the money he demanded
workers at the plant frequently went in fear of their lives a menudo los trabajadores de la fábrica temían por su vida
to live in fear of sth/sb vivir atemorizado por algo/algn
he lived in fear of his family
she lives in fear of being found out vive atemorizada de que la descubran
some people live in fear of being mugged
to have no fear no tener ningún miedo
have no fear! (don't be afraid) ¡pierde cuidado!
they are motivated by a fear [of] failure
fear of heights miedo (m) a las alturas
memories of illness and fear of the dark fear of spiders
fear of flying miedo (m) a volar
in fear and trembling temblando de miedo
she was trembling with fear estaba temblando de miedo
without fear or favour con imparcialidad; imparcialmente
We must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour, or prejudice to the rights of others His aim was to write poems in which the lives of recognizable men and women of all stations would be presented without fear or favor by means of an organized, controlled narrative
to put the fear of God into sb meter el miedo en el cuerpo a algn
2 (worry) temor (m)
his worst fears were confirmed sus mayores temores se vieron confirmados
his fears might be groundless there was a fear that once war began, it would escalate
there are fears that ... se teme que; there are fears that he may be dead se teme que esté muerto
there are fears that he will be assassinated
there were fears that he would raise taxes se temía que subiera los impuestos
[for] fear of sth/doing sth security has been increased for fear of a terrorist attack she didn't submit her poem for fear of rejection
I didn't go in for fear of disturbing them no entré por temor or miedo a molestarles
she never goes out for fear that it will happen again nunca sale por temor or miedo a que suceda de nuevo
he has chosen not to have a holiday this year, for fear of losing his job for fear [that] ...
there are grave fears for their safety se teme enormemente por su seguridad
have no fear! often (don't worry) ¡no se preocupe!
Last year she failed to turn up but, "Have no fear," booms her coach. " She is thrilled to be playing and will certainly be there"
you need have no fear on that score no tenga miedo en ese sentido
3 (chance) posibilidad (f); (danger) peligro (m)
there's not much fear of his coming no hay muchas posibilidades de que venga
there was no fear that anything would be misunderstood
there's no fear of that! ¡no hay peligro de eso!; no fear! ¡ni hablar!
"would you pick that snake up?" - "no fear!"
transitive verb
1 (be afraid of) temer; tener miedo a
I do not fear death no temo a la muerte; no tengo miedo a la muerte; he was feared and hated by his subjects sus súbditos le temían y odiaban
it seems to me if people fear you, they respect you refugees have fled, fearing attack by loyalists Asian nations fear a remilitarized Japan don't stay in a bad relationship because you fear being alone
to fear that temer que
they fear that scientists will leave the country
we feared that he would escape temíamos que se escapara; they began to fear that he was dangerous empezaron a temer que fuera peligroso
two people are missing and feared dead hay dos personas desaparecidas y se teme que hayan muerto
to fear [discovery]
to fear the worst temer(se) lo peor
2 (think regretfully) temerse
to fear that temerse que; I fear that he won't come me temo que no vendrá; I fear that you are right me temo que tiene razón
I fear you may be right me temo que tenga razón
it is feared that he may increase taxes observers fear that the Communist victories there spell the end for Yugoslavia's complex ethnic system she feared she was going down with pneumonia
I fear so/not me temo que sí/no
"is there anything left?" — "I fear not" I fear I'm late! to fear that I fear that you have not won I fear that a war now looks probable
3 (respect) [+God] temer
all Christians learn to fear God
intransitive verb
to fear for sth/sb temer por algo/algn
she feared for her life temía por su vida; I fear for him temo por él; tengo miedo por él
he fears for the future of the country he ran away, saying he feared for his life
never fear no hay cuidado (informal)
"what am I going to do, the washing machine has broken down?" \"never fear, John is here"\
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