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1. rápido(a) (rapid)
  • he pulled a fast one on me (familiar) me jugó una mala pasada, me la pegó (español de España)
  • a fast woman (familiar sentido figurado) una mujer fácil or casquivana (español de España)
  • fast food comida (f) rápida
  • the fast lane el carril rápido (of motorway)
  • to live life in the fast lane (sentido figurado) llevar un tren de vida frenético
2. adelantado(a) (clock, watch)
3. firme (secure) (grip); inalterable, que no destiñe (color)
4. rápido, deprisa (rapidly)
  • not so fast! ¡no tan rápido!
  • to play fast and loose with the truth jugar con la verdad
5. firmemente (securely)
  • to hold fast sujetarse bien
  • fast asleep profundamente dormido(a)
1. ayuno (m)
  • to break one's fast romper el ayuno
  • fast day (religión) día (m) de ayuno
intransitive verb
2. ayunar
fast [fɑːst]
faster (comparative)fastest (superlative)
1 (speedy) rápido; (Fot) [+film] de alta sensibilidad
he's a fast worker es un trabajador (muy) rápido; he's a fast talker es un pretencioso; he was too fast for me corrió más que yo; se me adelantó; fast and furious vertiginoso
the action is fast and furious, the scenes on the pirate ship a delight and the work that has gone into this masterpiece shines out from every frame ...the fast and furious trading in raw materials which was helping to push costs up With fewer rules than conventional basketball, the games are usually fast and furious Reaction to the policy change was fast and furious, with pro-Israel protesters gathering outside the US mission to the UN as soon as the draft was circulated
to pull a fast one on sb jugar una mala pasada a algn
2 [+clock] adelantado
my watch is five minutes fast mi reloj está or va cinco minutos adelantado
3 (Dep) [+pitch] seco y firme; [+court] rápido
4 (dissipated) [+person] lanzado; fresco; [+life] disoluto; disipado
5 (firm) fijo; firme
to make sth fast sujetar algo; to make a rope fast atar bien una cuerda; to make a boat fast amarrar una barca; fast friends íntimos amigos
6 [+colour, dye] que no destiñe
1 (quickly) rápidamente; deprisa
as fast as I can lo más rápido posible; he ran off as fast as his legs would carry him se fue corriendo a toda velocidad; how fast can you type? ¿a qué velocidad escribes a máquina?; don't speak so fast habla más despacio; faster! ¡más (rápido)!; not so fast! (interrupting) ¡un momento!; he'll do it fast enough if you offer him money se dará más prisa si le ofreces dinero; the rain was falling fast llovía mucho; as fast as I finished them he wrapped them up a medida que yo los terminaba él los envolvía
to play fast and loose with jugar con
2 (firmly) firmemente
fast asleep profundamente dormido; to hold fast agarrarse bien; mantenerse firme; to stand fast mantenerse firme; tie it fast átalo bien; it's stuck fast está bien pegado; [+door] está atrancado or atascado; to be stuck fast in the mud quedar atascado en el lodo; to be stuck fast in a doorway haberse quedado atascado en una puerta
fast food (n) comida (f) rápida; platos (m) preparados
fast track (n) vía (f) rápida
The accelerated programmes mentioned above are all modified from existing 3-year courses. The fast track allows suitable graduates to complete them `in a minimum of 24 months" Deputies chose neither the fast track to reform favoured by Yeltsin nor the more cautious approach of the Soviet Prime Minister
to be on the fast track to sth ir por la vía rápida hacia algo
This put the company on a fast track to privatization But be angry, hostile, and over-sensitive and you may be on the fast track to death
fast train (n) tren (m) rápido; Intercity (m); (Esp) Talgo (m); (Esp)
fast [fɑːst]
ayuno (m)
to break one's fast interrumpir el ayuno
The fast is broken at sunset, traditionally with dates and water
intransitive verb
fast day (n) día (m) de ayuno
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