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1. fantástico(a), fabuloso(a) (familiar) (excellent)
2. inmenso(a) (enormous) (price, size)
3. absurdo(a) (unbelievable)
fantastic [fænˈtæstɪk]
1 (fabulous, terrific) [+person, achievement, opportunity, news] fantástico; estupendo; regio (informal); (LAm) macanudo (informal); (S. Cone) chévere (informal); (Col) (Ven)
it's fantastic to see you again! ¡qué alegría verte de nuevo!; you look fantastic! (healthy) ¡qué buen aspecto tienes!; (attractive) ¡qué guapo estás!
2 (huge) [+amount, profit, speed] increíble
3 (exotic) [+creature, world] fantástico; [+shapes, images] extraño
4 (improbable) [+story, idea] fantástico
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