1. (imagination) 
a. la fantasía (F) 
a flight of fancyun delirio
2. (whim) 
a. el capricho (M) 
3. (liking) 
to take a fancy to somebody/somethingencapricharse de alguien/con algo
4. (jewels, hat) 
a. de fantasía 
5. (gadget) 
a. sofisticado(a) 
6. (party) 
a. encopetado(a) 
7. (hotel) 
a. lujoso(a) 
8. (food, decoration) 
a. con muchas florituras 
fancy dressdisfraz m
fancy dress partyfiesta de disfraces
transitive verb
9. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (want) 
I didn't fancy the ideano me atraía la idea
10. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation (be attracted by) 
he fancies herle gusta ella
11. (imagine) 
a. imaginar 
to fancy (that)…imaginar que…
I fancy I have seen her beforeme parece que la he visto antes
12. (colloquial) 
fancy that!¡fíjate!, ¡lo que hay que ver!
fancy meeting you here!¡qué sorpresa encontrarte aquí!
13. (have good opinion of) 
he is strongly fancied to winse cree que tiene muchas posibilidades de ganar
she fancies herself as a writer/musicianse las da de buena escritora/música
he fancies his chances of getting the jobcree que tiene muchas posibilidades de conseguir el trabajo
fancy [ˈfænsɪ]
1 (liking)
to catch or take sb's fancy atraer a algn; they stole anything that took their fancy robaban cualquier cosa que les gustaba or atraía; I eat whatever takes my fancy como lo que me apetece
You can boost the vitamin content of your morning muesli by slicing in fresh strawberries, apple or whatever takes your fancy if something on television catches his fancy he roars with laughter she would borrow any outfit of mine that caught her fancy
to take a fancy to [+person] (amorously) quedarse prendado de; prendarse de; [+thing] encapricharse con
feel warmth for
he had taken a fancy to one of the secretaries se había quedado prendado or se había prendado de una de las secretarias; he seems to have taken a fancy to you parece que le gustas
Fahey plays a redundant steelworker who takes a fancy to the wife of a Japanese businessman a charming mid-Victorian tea-caddy, which he took a fancy to
2 (whim) capricho (m); antojo (m)
a passing fancy un capricho pasajero
our love was just an amusement, the passing fancy of a woman whose husband was away at the war was this a serious love affair or just a passing fancy children's toys are so transitory really, just a passing fancy
when the fancy takes him cuando se le antoja; as the fancy takes her según su capricho
3 (imagination) fantasía (f); imaginación (f)
is it just my fancy, or did I hear a knock at the door? this is no vain fancy nor device of mine
in the realm of fancy en el mundo de la fantasía
4 (vague idea)
I have a fancy that he'll be late tengo or me da la sensación de que llegará tarde
fancier (comparative)fanciest (superlative)
1 (elaborate) muy elaborado
I like good, plain food, nothing fancy me gusta la buena comida, sencilla, nada muy elaborado or nada demasiado historiado; she uses all these fancy words I don't understand usa todas esas palabrejas que yo no entiendo
Rooms are comfortably furnished with the necessities: beds, bureau, chairs, bedside table lamp. Nothing fancy, but tastefully arranged beware of scholarly books with fancy titles which make them sound like novels
fancy footwork (in football, dancing) filigranas (f); florituras (f) con los pies; (con los pies) gran habilidad (f)
for all their fancy footwork, the Italians never posed much of a scoring threat Paul Mercurio - best known for his pelvic thrusts and fancy footwork in the movie Strictly Ballroom his playing style is nothing but fancy footwork - he hasn't scored a goal all season it'll take some very fancy footwork by ANC and government officials to defuse the situation
2 (elegant) [+restaurant] de lujo; muy chic; [+house, car] lujoso; [+clothes] elegante; chic
I was dazzled by all the people in very fancy clothes, the bmws and the Mercedes outside "I don't care about diamonds," she whispered, or fancy cars, or mansions
3 (exaggerated) [+price] desorbitado; [+idea] estrambótico
he went on some course about managing your workforce and came back with all these fancy ideas
transitive verb
1 (imagine) imaginarse; figurarse
fancy that! ¡fíjate!; ¡imagínate!; fancy meeting you here! ¡qué casualidad encontrarte aquí!; fancy him winning! ¡qué raro que ganara él!; fancy letting him get away with it! ¡mira que dejarle salirse con la suya!; ¡mira que dejar que se saliese con la suya!; fancy throwing that away, there's nothing wrong with it ¡a quién se le ocurre tirar eso! está en perfectas condiciones; he fancied he saw a glint of amusement in her face le pareció ver una chispa de diversión en su rostro; I rather fancy he's gone out me da la impresión or se me hace que ha salido; se me antoja que ha salido (literary); he fancies he knows it all se cree un pozo de sabiduría
he fancied himself to be in Spain
2 (like, want) (at particular moment)
what do you fancy? ¿qué quieres tomar?; ¿qué te apetece?; do you fancy an Indian meal? ¿te apetece or se te antoja un una comida india?; (LAm)
a little of what you fancy (does you good)
(in general)
I've always fancied living there siempre me hubiese gustado vivir allí; I don't fancy the idea no me gusta la idea; he fancies himself es un creído or un presumido; he fancies himself as a bit of an actor se piensa que es un actor; he fancies himself as a footballer se las da de futbolista; he fancies himself as the next prime minister se cree que va a ser el próximo primer ministro
3 especially (Britain) (be attracted to)
I could tell he fancied me notaba que le gustaba mucho; notaba que se sentía atraído por mí
she fancies him
4 (rate)
I don't fancy his chances of winning no creo que tenga muchas posibilidades de ganar
You have to fancy Bath because they're the most consistent team in England
which horse do you fancy for the Grand National? ¿qué caballo es tu favorito para el Grand National?; I fancy England to win yo creo que ganará Inglaterra
fancy dress (n) disfraz (m)
are you going in fancy dress? ¿vas a ir disfrazado or con disfraz?; they were wearing fancy dress iban disfrazados
fancy dress ball (n) baile (m) de disfraces
fancy dress party (n) fiesta (f) de disfraces
fancy goods (n) (Comm) artículos (m) de regalo
they sell, souvenirs, gifts and fancy goods
fancy man (n)
her fancy man su amante; su amiguito (informal)
I'm not going off for the weekend so you can have your fancy man here on your own
fancy woman (n)
his fancy woman su querida; su amiguita (informal)
a man who's got the nerve to come here asking help to find his fancy woman's got the nerve for anything
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