1. (relatives) 
I love being a part of a big family.Me encanta formar parte de una familia grande.
2. (known) 
a. familiar 
We're having a family reunion in Canada next summer.Vamos a tener una reunión familiar en Canadá el verano que viene.
1. (general) 
a. la familia (F) 
it runs in the familyes cosa de familia
to start a familyempezar a tener hijos
they treat her as one of the familyla tratan como si fuera de la familia
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
she's in the family wayestá en estado
family businessnegocio familiar
family doctormédico de familia
family lifevida de familia
family manhombre de familia
family nameapellido m
family planningplanificación familiar
family resemblanceparecido de familia
family treeárbol genealógico
family [ˈfæmɪlɪ]
(close relatives, group of animals) familia (f)
she's one of the family es como de la familia; do you have any family? (relatives) ¿tiene usted parientes?; (children) ¿tiene usted hijos?
The only family he has is an ancient uncle living in Inverness
They have a very large family: four sons and three daughters
to run in the family ser cosa de familia
to be in the family way estar en estado de buena esperanza
to get or put a girl in the family way dejar encinta a una joven
[+jewels] de la familia; [+dinner, resemblance] de familia; [+Bible] familiar
He found the safe, with the family jewels inside There was a family dinner in Bartonville to celebrate Adam's college graduation Photos show a distinct family resemblance between the two women She showed me the Morgan family Bible, in which her father, Henry Morgan, inscribed all the names of his children
family allowance (n) (Britain) (formerly) ayuda (f) familiar
family business (n) negocio (m) familiar
family butcher (n) carnicero (m) doméstico
family credit (n) (Britain) ayuda (f) familiar
Family Division (n) (Britain) (Jur) sala del High Court que entiende de derecho de familia
family doctor (n) médicoamédica (m) (f) de cabecera;a médica
family friend (n) amigoaamiga (m) (f) de la familia;a amiga
family hotel (n) hotel (m) familiar
family income (n) ingresos (m) familiares
family life (n) vida (f) doméstica
family man (n) (having family) padre (m) de familia; (home-loving) hombre (m) casero or de su casa
family name (n) apellido (m)
family pet (n) animal (m) doméstico
family planning (n) planificación (f) familiar
family planning clinic (n) centro (m) de planificación familiar
family practice (n) (US) (Med) (work) medicina (f) general; (place) consulta (f)
...a GP in family practice to get more medical students to go into primary care medicine like pediatrics and family practice
family therapy (n) terapia (f) familiar
family tree (n) árbol (m) genealógico
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