"familias" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. family (de familia)
  • reunión familiar -> family gathering
2. friendly (en el trato) (agradable) ; overly familiar (en demasía)
3. informal, colloquial (lenguaje, estilo)
4. familiar (conocido)
  • su cara me es o me resulta familiar -> her face looks familiar
5. family-sized (tamaño)
  • un envase familiar -> a family pack
masculine or feminine noun
6. relative, relation

familiar [fah-me-le-ar']
1. Familiar, domestic, belonging to the family (de la familia).
  • Los lazos familiares -> the family bond
2. Familiar, common, frequent.
3. Familiar, well known.
4. Agreeable, conformable, useful, observant, conversant, Estilo familiar, colloquial, familiar style; an easy, unconstrained style.
well acquainted with (conocido).
1. Domestic, one belonging to a family, one kept in the same house. (m)
2. Servant, especially of the clergy. (m)
3. College servant, who waits upon all the collegians collectively. (m)
4. Demon, a familiar spirit. (m)
5. Familiar or intimate friend, one long acquainted. (m)
6. One of the officers of the Inquisition. (m)

1 (de la familia) family
lazos familiares family ties; creció en un ambiente familiar muy alegre he grew up in a very happy family environment
pensión Sol, ambiente familiar pensión Sol, friendly atmosphere
coche familiar estate car; station wagon; (EEUU) dioses familiares household gods; envase familiar family-sized o family pack; en la pensión recibes un trato familiar in the guesthouse they treat you like one of the family
2 (conocido) familiar
tu cara me resulta familiar your face looks familiar
3 [+lenguaje, término] colloquial
(pariente) relative; relation

Verb Conjugations for "familiar" (go to familiar; family, relative)


yo familio familié familiaba familiaría familiaré
familias familiaste familiabas familiarías familiarás
él/ella/Ud. familia familió familiaba familiaría familiará
nosotros familiamos familiamos familiábamos familiaríamos familiaremos
vosotros familiáis familiasteis familiabais familiaríais familiaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. familian familiaron familiaban familiarían familiarán
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