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intransitive verb
1. (to not succeed)
a. to fail
Si no practicas, vas a fallar.If you don't practice, you're going to fail.
2. (to break down)
a. to stop working
El motor de mi auto falló esta mañana.The motor of my car stopped working this morning.
3. (to let down)
a. to fail
Le di otra oportunided y me falló otra vez.I gave her another chance and she failed me again.
4. (to break)
a. to give way
La columna falló y el edificio se derrumbó.The column gave way and the building collapsed.
5. (to sentence)
a. to rule
El juez falló en contra del demandado.The judge ruled against the defendant.
transitive verb
6. (to not hit)
a. to miss
La bala falló el objetivo.The bullet missed the target.
7. (to mistake)
a. to get wrong
El estudiante falló la respuesta.The student got the answer wrong.
transitive verb
1. to get wrong (equivocar) (respuesta) ; to miss (tiro)
2. to pass sentence on (sentenciar) ; to award (premio)
intransitive verb
3. to get it wrong (equivocarse) ; to miss (no acertar)
4. to fail (fracasar, flaquear) ; to stop working (no funcionar) ; to go wrong (plan)
  • este truco nunca falla this trick never fails
  • me fallaron los frenos my brakes didn't work
5. (decepcionar)
  • fallarle a alguien to let somebody down
6. to give way (quebrarse, ceder)
7. (sentenciar)
  • fallar a favor/en contra to find in favor of/against
intransitive verb
1 [+freno] to fail; [+plan] to fail; go wrong; [+cuerda] to break; give way; [+motor] to misfire
le falla la memoria his memory is failing; si no me falla la memoria if my memory serves me correctly o right o well; si no me falla la vista if my eyes don't deceive me; le falló el corazón his heart failed; me fallaron las piernas my legs gave way; algo falló en sus planes something went wrong with his plans; han fallado todas nuestras previsiones all our predictions have turned out to be wrong; si le das un caramelo se calla, no falla nunca if you give him a sweet he'll shut up, it never fails; no falla, ya has vuelto a llegar tarde I knew it, you're late again
2 (defraudar)
fallar a algn to let sb down; fail sb; me has fallado de nuevo you've let me down again; mañana hay reunión, no me falles there's a meeting tomorrow, don't let me down
3 (Jur) to pass judgment
fallar a favor/en contra de algn to rule in favour of/against sb; find for/against sb
4 (Naipes) to trump
transitive verb
1 (errar)
falló las cuatro preguntas she got all four questions wrong; fallé el tiro I missed; fallar el blanco to miss the target
2 (Jur) to deliver judgment in
3 [+premio] to award
4 (Naipes) to trump
Verb Conjugations for fallar
Gerund: fallando
Participle: fallado
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