1. (equity) 
The candidate pledged to fight for economic fairness.El candidato prometió luchar por la justicia económica.
The judge's apparent lack of fairness has the public calling for his resignation.La aparente falta de imparcialidad del juez tiene al público reclamando su renuncia.
2. (paleness) 
a. lo rubio (hair) 
As a brunette, I can attest that the fun I have is not correlated with the fairness of my hair.Como morena, puedo dar fe de que lo mucho que me divierto no se correlaciona con lo rubio de mi cabello.
b. la blancura (F) (skin) 
Her dark brown eyes contrast with the fairness of her skin.Sus ojos café oscuro contrastan con la blancura de su piel.
3. (old-fashioned) (beauty) 
Such was the princess' fairness that it was impossible for her suitor to keep his eyes off of her.Tal era la hermosura de la princesa que el pretendiente no podía quitarle los ojos de encima.
1. (of person) 
a. la imparcialidad (F) 
2. (of decision) 
a. la justicia (F) 
in all fairnesscon toda justicia
3. (of hair) 
a. el color rubio (M) 
4. (of skin) 
a. la claridad (F) 
fairness [ˈfɛənɪs]
1 (justice) justicia (f); (impartiality) imparcialidad (f)
in all fairness (truth to tell) a decir verdad; en honor a la verdad; (to be fair) para ser justo
In all fairness, though, being in the middle of the Saudi desert isn't the ideal place to go running off to someplace else
in all fairness, he had to admit that she had a point para ser justo con ella, tenía que reconocer que llevaba algo de razón; in (all) fairness to him para ser justo con él
how can anyone, in all fairness, ignore their plight?
2 (paleness) [of hair, person] lo rubio; [of complexion, skin] blancura (f)
3 (beauty) belleza (f); hermosura (f)
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