1. (truth) 
a. el hecho (M) 
It is a fact that I am shorter than you.Es un hecho que soy más bajo que tú.
2. (reality) 
The short story is based on fact.El relato corto se basa en la realidad.
3. (information) 
a. el dato (M) 
Let's gather the facts and then make a decision.Recolectemos los datos y luego tomemos una decisión.
1. (general) 
a. el hecho (M) 
in factde hecho
to distinguish fact from fictiondistinguir la realidad de la ficción
the fact is that…el hecho es que…
it's a fact that…se sabe que…
to know for a fact (that)…saber a ciencia cierta (que)…
it's a fact of lifees una realidad insoslayable or un hecho cierto
the facts of lifelo referente al sexo y a la reproducción
fact [fækt]
1 (detail, circumstance) hecho (m)
the lorries always left at night, when there was no-one around to record the fact
the fact that ... el hecho de que ...; the fact that she knew is not the point el hecho de que ella lo supiera no viene al caso; he still loved her in spite of the fact that she had left him aunque le había dejado él aún la quería; my family accepts the fact that I'm a vegetarian mi familia acepta que sea vegetariano
despite the fact that the disease is prevalent, there is still no satisfactory treatment you can't hide the fact that talking about personal issues is intimidating he soon became aware of the fact that his friend was ill it's a verifiable, historical fact [by] the very fact that ... the facts of the [case]
their priority is to establish the facts of the case su prioridad es esclarecer los hechos or lo que ocurrió realmente
the facts of this case are not in dispute this is a minor technicality that doesn't change the facts of the case
hard facts hechos (m) innegables
to stick to the facts atenerse a los hechos
2 (piece of information) dato (m)
go and find the facts for yourself
facts and figures datos (m)
the facts of life los detalles de la reproducción
to tell sb the facts of life to get one's facts [right]/[wrong]
get your facts right before you start accusing people infórmate bien antes de empezar a acusar a la gente
he accused her of getting her facts wrong la acusó de no contar con la información correcta
Obviously my parents had got their facts wrong because Uncle Jim wasn't a lunatic
3 (reality) realidad (f)
the fact remains that ... la realidad sigue siendo que ...; the fact (of the matter) is that ... la verdad or el hecho es que ...
the fact of the matter is that the people are not interested in this election the fact is that blindness had not prevented him from doing many things
I accept what he says as fact acepto lo que dice como cierto; a story founded on fact una historia basada en hechos verídicos or reales
it has no basis in fact carece de base (real)
it's a fact that ... es un hecho que ...
to face (the) facts enfrentarse a la realidad or los hechos
it's time we faced the facts - we're broke! fact and [fiction]
he can't tell fact from fiction no es capaz de distinguir la realidad de la ficción
to know for a fact that ... saber a ciencia cierta que ...
I know for a fact that transport is expensive in England
in fact de hecho
as a [matter] of fact in [point] of fact
it sounds simple, but in fact it's very difficult parece sencillo, pero de hecho or en realidad es muy difícil
I don't like it, as a matter of fact I'm totally against it no me gusta, de hecho estoy totalmente en contra
"don't tell me you like it" — "as a matter of fact I do" —no me digas que te gusta —pues sí, la verdad es que sí
they're very alike, in point of fact you can't tell the difference son muy parecidos, de hecho no puedes distinguirlos
he looks a lot like you, as a matter of fact in point of fact, I don't think much will change after privatisation he looked like a pilot in his uniform but, in point of fact, he was a chauffeur I won't stay for lunch, in fact I really must leave now he apologised - in actual fact he wrote me a nice little note Mr Major didn't go to university - in fact he left school at 16
is that a fact! ¡no me digas!
"I'm still the boss, you know" "is that a fact?" and [that's] a fact we aren't playing well as a team, and that's a fact
he's a dull writer, and that's a fact es un escritor aburrido, eso no hay quien lo discuta
4 (Jur) (event)
questions of fact are decided by jury, questions of law by the judge
before/after the fact antes/después de los hechos
fact sheet (n) hoja (f) informativa; informe (m)
...to obtrain a copy of their free fact sheet "Creosote-The Facts and the Fiction" National Debtline has produced a fact sheet on budgeting and financial planning
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