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1. facilidad (f) (ease)
  • to do something with great facility hacer algo con gran facilidad
  • facilities instalaciones (f pl) ; (buildings, equipment) servicios mpl (services)
facility [fəˈsɪlɪtɪ]
1 (equipment, place) instalación (f)
the hotel's facilities are open to non-residents las instalaciones del hotel están abiertas a los no residentes
facilities include massages, underwater jet massage pool, rehabilitation pool equipped with handgrips and armrests, bubbling baths and whirlpools the hotel has it's own pool and exercise facility
the flat has no cooking facilities el piso no está equipado para cocinar; recreational facilities instalaciones (f) recreativas; sports facilities instalaciones (f) deportivas
a manufacturing and assembly facility
2 (service, provision) servicio (m)
the main facility is the library el servicio principal es la biblioteca; the company offers day-care facilities for children la empresa ofrece un servicio de guardería para los niños; toilet facilities servicios (m); aseos (m); transport facilities servicios (m) de transporte
3 (Economics)
credit facilities facilidades (f) (de pago); crédito (m); overdraft facility crédito (m) al descubierto
the cheapest way of borrowing from a bank is to have an overdraft facility a bank account with an overdraft facility is worth negotiating a £500 overdraft facility
4 (function) función (f)
the oven has an automatic timing facility el horno dispone de una función de reloj automático; the watch has a stopwatch facility el reloj también posee la función de cronómetro; there's a facility for storing data dispone de un servicio de almacenamiento de datos
5 (centre) centro (m)
a state facility for women prisoners un centro penitenciario estatal para mujeres
Denver General Hospital (a locked psychiatric facility for those accused of criminal acts) the museum has a facility where students can work
a medical facility un centro médico; un punto de asistencia médica; a nuclear facility un complejo nuclear
they will not agree to inspection of their nuclear facilities a [storage] facility Japan has not yet begun to build a permanent storage facility for radioactive waste
6 (talent, ease) facilidad (f)
he had a facility for languages tenía facilidad para los idiomas; se le daban bien los idiomas
You have a real facility for financing reciprocal-trade deals with Brazil she had an amazing facility for presenting facts in order and concisely
he writes with great facility escribe con gran facilidad
He had always spoken with facility, that was no problem human beings can forget with remarkable facility she speaks with equal facility in Japanese and Russian
7 (ability) habilidad (f); facultad (f); (capacity) capacidad (f)
humans have lost the facility to use their sense of smell los humanos han perdido la habilidad or la facultad de utilizar el olfato; the new model has the facility to reproduce speech el nuevo modelo tiene la capacidad de or es capaz de reproducir el habla
I really must use the facilities the use of this territory as an emergency facility for the troops
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