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1. cara (f) rostro (m) (of person)
  • shut your face! (very familiar) ¡cierra el pico!, ¡cállate la boca!
  • I told him to his face se lo dije a or en la cara
  • I shall never be able to look her in the face again nunca podré volver a mirarla a la cara
  • to show one's face dejarse ver, hacer acto de presencia
  • her face doesn't fit no encaja bien (in job, company)
  • to set one's face against something oponerse cerrilmente a algo
  • in the face of ante (danger, threat)
  • face card figura (f) (playing card)
  • face cloth toallita (f)
  • face cream crema (f) facial
  • face mask mascarilla (f) (facial); (cosmetic) protector (m) facial (in ice hockey)
  • face pack mascarilla (f) (facial)
  • face powder polvos mpl (para la cara)
2. cara (f) (expression)
  • to make or pull faces hacer muecas, poner caras
  • to keep a straight face quedarse serio(a)
  • to put a brave face on it poner al mal tiempo buena cara
3. (appearance)
  • on the face of it a primera vista
  • to save face salvar las apariencias
  • to lose face sufrir una humillación
  • the changing face of Britain el rostro cambiante de Gran Bretaña
  • to take something at face value aceptar algo sin darle más vueltas
4. superficie (f) faz (f) (surface) (of the earth) ; esfera (f) (of clock) ; cara (f) (of coin) ; ladera (f) (of cliff)
  • to disappear off the face of the earth desaparecer de la faz de la tierra
  • face up/down boca arriba/abajo
transitive verb
5. afrontar, encarar (confront) (difficulty, danger)
  • to face facts afrontar la realidad
  • let's face it no nos engañemos
  • to be faced with a decision enfrentarse a una decisión
  • to face the music (sentido figurado) apechugar con las consecuencias
6. mirar a (look toward)
  • to face the front mirar al frente
intransitive verb
  • to face north/south estar orientado(a) hacia el norte/sur (building, window)
face [feɪs]
1 (part of body) cara (f); rostro (m)
the wind was blowing in our faces el viento soplaba de cara
the bomb blew up in his face la bomba estalló delante suyo
it all blew up in his face le salió el tiro por la culata (informal)
the plan [blew up] in his face It's hard to say what made him allege a Republican plot but he must have known that, having no evidence, this would blow up in his face /His outburst yesterday could blow up in his face/. Those that have supported his cause will certainly question his motives
I could never look him in the face again no tendría valor para mirarle a la cara de nuevo
to say sth to sb's face decirle algo a la cara a algn
I told him to his face se lo dije a la cara; to bring sb face to face with sb confrontar algn con algn; to bring two people face to face poner a dos personas cara a cara; confrontar a dos personas; to come face to face with [+person] encontrarse cara a cara con; [+problem, danger] enfrentarse con
I ran into the lobby and came face to face with Arlette and Sartre
We had the feeling that the system was only scratching the surface of many of the problems we came face to face with to go [red] in the face from anger, exertion
face up boca arriba
to put a brave or good face on it (US) poner al mal tiempo buena cara
get out of my face! ¡déjame en paz! (informal)
to lose face quedar mal; desprestigiarse
to be off one's face (Britain) estar como una cuba (informal)
to put one's face on maquillarse; pintarse
to save face salvar las apariencias; quedar bien
to set one's face against sth oponerse resueltamente a algo
to show one's face dejarse ver
shut your face! ¡cállate la boca! (informal); ¡calla la boca! (informal)
blue: you can shout till you're [blue] in the face (puedes gritar hasta hartarte ) door: to shut the door in sb's face fall: to fall flat on one's face (lit=caerse de narices; fig= LBCS plan: irse abajo, LBCS person: hundirse por completo) laugh: to laugh in sb's face (reírse en la cara de algn ) laugh: he'll laugh on the other side of his face (se le quitarán las ganas de reír) blow up: blow up in sb's face
2 (expression) cara (f); expresión (f)
a happy face una cara alegre or de Pascua
his face fell puso cara larga
a long face una cara larga
to make or pull faces (at sb) hacer muecas (a algn)
to pull a (wry) face poner mala cara
3 (person) cara (f)
there were plenty of familiar faces at the party había muchas caras conocidas en la fiesta
The new committee includes many of the same old faces
we need some new or fresh faces on the team el equipo necesita sangre nueva
4 (surface) superficie (f); [of dial, watch] esfera (f); [of sundial] cuadrante (m); [of mountain, cliff, coin, playing card] cara (f); [of building] fachada (f); frente (m)
it's vanished off the face of the earth ha desaparecido de la faz de la tierra
5 (aspect)
the unacceptable face of capitalism los aspectos inadmisibles del capitalismo
the whole face of the town has changed
the changing face of modern politics la cambiante fisonomía de la política actual
...a counter to public perceptions of the "unacceptable face of capitalism"
6 (effrontery) descaro (m); cara (f); caradura (f)
to have the face to do sth tener el descaro de hacer algo
7 (typeface) tipo (m) de imprenta
8 (in set expressions)
face down(wards) [+person, card] boca abajo
in the face of [+enemy] frente a; [+threats, danger] ante; [+difficulty] en vista de; ante
on the face of it a primera vista; a juzgar por las apariencias
face up(ward) [+person, card] boca arriba
to fly in the face of reason oponerse abiertamente a la razón
transitive verb
1 (be facing) [+person, object] estar de cara a; (be opposite) estar enfrente de
face the wall! ¡ponte de cara a la pared!; turn it to face the fire gíralo para que esté de cara al fuego; to sit facing the engine estar sentado de frente a la locomotora; they sat facing each other se sentaron uno frente al or enfrente del otro
to face both ways dar una de cal y otra de arena
The Tory party is now so split on Europe that John Major is obliged to face both ways on just about every important issue Labour leader John Smith accused the premier of `facing both ways" in an attempt to quieten the anti- and pro-European wings of the Tory party
2 [+room, building] (overlook) dar a; tener vista a
my room faces the sea mi cuarto da al mar
(be opposite to) [+building] estar enfrente de
the flat faces the Town Hall el piso está enfrente del Ayuntamiento
3 (confront) [+enemy, danger, problem, situation] enfrentarse a; [+consequences] hacer frente a; afrontar
We face an enemy that is better trained and better equipped than we are Pollution is one of the biggest dangers we face today One of the problems we face today is how to recruit better staff We are facing a situation that is likely to get worse before it gets better
many people are facing redundancy muchas personas se ven enfrentadas al desempleo; I can't face him (ashamed) no podría mirarle a los ojos; we are faced with serious problems se nos plantean graves problemas; he faces a fine of £200 if convicted le espera una multa de £200 si lo declaran culpable; he was faced with a class who refused to cooperate se encontraba ante una clase que se negaba a cooperar; faced with the prospect of living on his own, he ... ante la perspectiva de vivir solo, ...
to face facts aceptar los hechos or la realidad
to face the fact that ... reconocer que ...; we will face him with the facts le expondremos los hechos or la realidad
let's face it! ¡seamos realistas!; ¡reconozcámoslo!
to face the music afrontar las consecuencias
4 (bear, stand)
I can't face breakfast this morning hoy no podría desayunar nada
I can't face this alone no me veo capaz de enfrentar esto solo
I couldn't face another night with my in-laws
I can't face changing jobs again no me veo capaz de volver a cambiar de trabajo
5 (clad) revestir
a wall faced with concrete una pared revestida de hormigón
6 (Cos) (on inside) forrar; (on outside) recubrir
The cuffs were faced with velvet
the hood is faced with silk la capucha está forrada de seda
intransitive verb
1 [+person, animal] (look) mirar hacia; (turn) volverse hacia
face this way! ¡vuélvete hacia aquí!; right face! (US) (Mil) ¡derecha!; about face! (US) (Mil) ¡media vuelta!
2 [+building]
which way does the house face? ¿en qué dirección está orientada la casa?; it faces east/towards the east da al este/mira hacia el este
face card (n) (US) figura (f)
face cloth (n)
face flannel See culture box in entry face.
face cream (n) crema (f) para la cara
face flannel (n) (Britain) toallita (f); (glove) manopla (f) para lavarse la cara; (para lavarse la cara)
face mask (n) mascarilla (f)
He is not wearing ear protection and as he sands, welds and spray-paints, and his face mask often hangs unused around his neck Did a man in a white smock and a face mask and rubber gloves remove the toilet seat, take it downstairs and boil it for 15 minutes? The gas is usually administered with a face mask but some patients don't like wearing a mask (Cosmetics)
face pack See culture box in entry face.
face pack (n) mascarilla (f) facial
face paint (n) pintura ornamental para la cara
...a hooligan with Union Jack face paint
face powder (n) polvos (m) para la cara
face value (n) [of coin, stamp] valor (m) nominal
to take sth/sb at face value
to take sb at face value juzgar a algn por las apariencias
I took his statement at (its) face value tomé lo que dijo en sentido literal
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