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1. easy (sencillo)
  • fácil de hacer/decir -> easy to do/say
  • dinero fácil -> easy money
2. easy-going (tratable)
3. probable, likely (probable)
  • es fácil que no venga -> it's likely she won't come, she probably won't come

fácil [fah'-theel]
1. Facile, easy, light, performable with little trouble (sencillo).
  • Fácil para el usuario -> user-friendly
  • Fácil de hacer -> easy to do
2. Pliant, flexible, compliant, familiar, easily persuaded (persona).
3. Easy of access (mujeres).
4. Frail, weak of resolution.

1 (sencillo) easy
el examen fue muy fácil the exam was very easy; no es fácil admitir que se está equivocado it isn't easy to admit that you're wrong; no me lo pones nada fácil you aren't making things very easy for me
es fácil ver que ...
los ricos lo tienen todo más fácil rich people have it easy; fácil de hacer easy to do; fácil de usar (gen) easy to use; (Informática) user-friendly
2 (afable)
nunca tuvo un carácter fácil he was never very easy to get on with; es de trato fácil he's easy to get on with; he's quite easygoing
3 [+respuesta] facile; glib; [+chiste] obvious
4 [+mujer] easy
5 (probable)
es fácil que venga he's quite likely to come; he may well come; no veo muy fácil que acepten I don't think they're very likely to accept
podría costarte 5.000 fácil it could easily cost you 5,000; te lo arreglo en dos horas fácil I'll fix it for you in two hours, no problem (familiar)

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