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transitive verb
1. to surprise (sorprender)
  • me extraña (que digas esto) I'm surprised (that you should say that)
  • no me extraña nada que no haya venido I'm not in the least surprised he hasn't come
2. to miss (echar de menos)
  • extraña mucho a sus amigos she misses her friends a lot
3. to find strange, not to be used to (encontrar extraño)
  • he dormido mal porque extraño la cama I slept badly because I'm not used to the bed
4. to banish (desterrar)
pronominal verb
1. to be surprised (sorprenderse de)(de at)
transitive verb
1 (sorprender) to surprise
eso me extraña that surprises me; I find that odd; ¡no me extrañaría! I wouldn't be surprised!; it wouldn't surprise me!; ¡ya me extrañaba a mí! I thought it was a bit strange!; me extrañaba que no hubieras venido I was surprised you hadn't come; me extrañaría que ... I'd be surprised if ...; no es de extrañar que ... it's hardly surprising that ...; it's no wonder that ...
2 (echar de menos) to miss
esta noche he extrañado mi cama last night I missed sleeping in my own bed; extraña mucho a sus padres he misses his parents a lot
3 (desterrar) to banish
pronominal verb
1 (sorprenderse) to be surprised
extrañarse de algo to be surprised at sth; me extrañé de la reacción de tu hermano I was surprised at your brother's reaction
se extrañó de nuestra presencia en la fiesta nos extrañamos de lo mucho que gastan
se extrañó de vernos juntos he was surprised to see us together; extrañarse de que ... to be surprised that ...
2 (negarse) to refuse
3 [+amigos] to become estranged; grow apart
Verb Conjugations for extrañar
Gerund: extrañando
Participle: extrañado
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