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1. exterior (m)
  • beneath her calm exterior she was extremely nervous bajo su apariencia tranquila estaba sumamente inquieta
2. externo(a), exterior
exterior [eksˈtɪərɪəʳ]
[+wall, door, surface] exterior
exterior (m); (outward appearance) apariencia (f); aspecto (m) exterior
on the exterior por fuera
1. outside (de fuera) ; outer, exterior (capa)
  • la parte exterior del vehículo the outside of the vehicle
  • apartamento/habitación exterior flat/room that looks onto the street
2. outward (visible)
  • su aspecto exterior es de calma she is outwardly calm
3. foreign (extranjero) (comercio, asuntos)
masculine noun
4. outside (superficie)
  • en el exterior outside
5. (extranjero)
  • en el exterior abroad
  • una apertura al exterior an opening to the outside world
6. (Cine)
  • exteriores outside shots (escenas)
  • rodar en exteriores to film on location
1 (externo) [+superficie] outer; [+pared] external; [+mundo] exterior; outside
una habitación exterior a room facing onto the street
2 (extranjero) [+relaciones, deuda, política] foreign; [+comercio, ayuda] foreign; overseas
asuntos exteriores foreign affairs; comercio exterior foreign trade; overseas trade
(Ministerio de) Asuntos Exteriores
1 (parte de fuera) outside; exterior
el exterior del edificio the outside o exterior of the building; con el exterior pintado de azul with the outside painted blue; salimos al exterior a tomar el aire we went outside for a breath of fresh air; el motorista alemán avanzaba por el exterior the German driver was catching up on the outside
el exterior (el extranjero) abroad; no hemos recibido noticias del exterior we haven't received any news from abroad
nunca ha viajado al exterior
tanto aquí como en el exterior both here and abroad; comercio con el exterior foreign trade; overseas trade
3 exteriores (Cine) location shots
rodar en exteriores to film on location
4 Exteriores (Política) the Foreign Ministry; the Foreign Office; the State Department; (EEUU)
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