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transitive verb
1. to express (manifestar) ; to show (mostrar)
  • es una sensación rara, no sé cómo expresarlo it is an odd feeling, I don't know how to express it
  • quisiera expresarles mi más sincero agradecimiento I would like to thank you most sincerely
pronominal verb
1. to express oneself
  • creo que me he expresado con suficiente claridad I think I have made myself clear enough
transitive verb
1 (al hablar) (enunciar) to express; (redactar) to phrase; put; (declarar) to state; set forth; (citar) to quote; [+opiniones, quejas] to voice
expresa las opiniones de todos he is voicing the opinions of us all; estaba expresado de otro modo it was worded differently
la renta de las zonas urbanas, expresada en pesetas constantes , creció por término medio un 50 por 100.
el papel no lo expresa the paper doesn't say so; usted deberá expresar el número del giro postal you should quote o give o state the number of the postal order
2 [+sentimiento] to show
pronominal verb
1 [+persona] to express o.s.
no se expresa bien he doesn't express himself well
2 [+cifra, dato] to be stated
como abajo se expresa as is stated below; el número no se expresa the number is not given o stated
Verb Conjugations for expresar
Gerund: expresando
Participle: expresado,exexpreso
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