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record, file


masculine noun
1. documents (documentación); file (ficha)
  • expediente de regulación de empleo (economics) -> redundancy plan, workforce adjustment plan (peninsular Spanish)
2. record (historial)
  • cubrir el expediente (informal figurative) -> to do the bare minimum
  • hacer algo por cubrir el expediente -> to do something for the sake of appearances
  • expediente académico -> academic record, transcript (United States)
3. inquiry (investigación)
  • abrir expediente a alguien -> to take disciplinary action against somebody; (castigar) to start proceedings against somebody (llevar a juicio)
EXPEDIENTE DE REGULACIÓN DE EMPLEO When a Spanish company wants to make permanent employees redundant, it is first legally required to draw up an expediente de regulación de empleo (or “ERE”) to present to the authorities. In effect, this requires official permission for redundancies which have not been agreed with workers' representatives. Between 1997 and 2002 more than 600,000 jobs were eliminated by this means.

expediente [ex-pay-de-en'-tay]
1. The collection of all the papers belonging to a business matter (dossier, ficha). (m)
2. Despatch, course of business. (m)
3. Expedient, measure, means to an end contrived in an exigency or difficulty. (m)
4. Facility or dexterity in the management of affairs. (m)
5. Dismissal (despido). (m)

1 (documento) (como historial) record; (como dossier) dossier; (en forma de ficha) file
alumnos con buen/mal expediente pupils with a good/poor track record
alumnos, con buen expediente, que están finalizando la carrera desean hacer la tesis
cubrir el expediente to do the minimum required
lo haré por cubrir el expediente I'll do it to keep up appearances
expediente académico (Escol) student's record; transcript; (EEUU)
expediente policial police dossier
2 (Jur) (acción) action; proceedings
; (p)
(papeles) records of a case
; (p)
abrir o incoar expediente to start proceedings
expediente de regulación de empleo labour o labor force adjustment plan; (EEUU)
expediente disciplinario disciplinary proceedings
; (p)
expediente judicial legal proceedings
; (p)
3 (medio) expedient; means
recurrir al expediente de hacer algo to resort to the device of doing sth

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