1. (general) 
a. la excusa (F) 
to make an excuse, to make excusesdisculparse, excusarse
a poor excuse for a caruna porquería de coche
transitive verb
2. (forgive) 
a. disculpar, excusar 
excuse me!¡perdón!, ¡oiga (por favor)!
excuse me?¿cómo?
3. (exempt) 
a. eximir 
to excuse oneselfdisculparse, excusarse
(justification) excusa (f); disculpa (f); (pretext) pretexto (m)
there's no excuse for this esto no admite disculpa; it's only an excuse es un pretexto nada más; on the excuse that ... con el pretexto de que ...; to make excuses for sb presentar disculpas por algn; he's only making excuses está buscando pretextos; he made his excuses and left presentó sus excusas y se marchó; he gives poverty as his excuse alega su pobreza; what's your excuse this time? ¿qué excusa or disculpa me das esta vez?
transitive verb
1 (forgive) disculpar; perdonar
to excuse sb sth perdonar algo a algn; excuse me! (asking a favour) por favor; perdón; (interrupting sb) perdóneme; (when passing) perdón; con permiso; (sorry) ¡perdón!; (on leaving table) ¡con permiso!; excuse me? (US) ¿perdone?; ¿mande?; (Méx) now, if you will excuse me ... con permiso ...; if you will excuse me I must go con permiso de ustedes tengo que marcharme; may I be excused for a moment? ¿puedo salir un momento?
2 (justify) justificar
that does not excuse his conduct eso no justifica su conducta; to excuse o.s. (for sth/for doing sth) pedir disculpas (por algo/por haber hecho algo)
3 (exempt)
to excuse sb (from sth/from doing sth) dispensar or eximir a algn (de algo/de hacer algo); to excuse o.s. (from sth/from doing sth) dispensarse (de algo/de hacer algo); after ten minutes he excused himself después de diez minutos pidió permiso y se fue; to ask to be excused pedir permiso; I must ask to be excused this time esta vez les ruego que me dispensen or disculpen
excuse is a conjugated form of the verb excusar - View Conjugation


transitive verb
1. (to justify) 
a. to excuse 
Laura excusó el comportamiento de su hermano argumentando que estaba muy estresado.Laura excused her brother's behavior by saying that he was under too much stress.
2. (to make apology for) 
a. to apologize for 
Excuso las acciones de mi esposo, está muy alterado desde que se enteró de la muerte de su madre.I apologize for my husband's actions. He has been very upset since he found out about his mother's death.
3. (formal) (to prevent) (Spain) 
a. to avoid 
Con mi novio hablo de todo, pero excuso hablar de relaciones anteriores.I talk about everything with my boyfriend, but I avoid talking about previous relationship.
4. (to release from an obligation) 
a. to exempt from 
Me excusaron de asistir a la reunión porque mi padre se puso enfermo.I was exempted from attending the meeting because my father got sick.
pronominal verb
5. (to excuse oneself) 
a. to apologize 
El alumno se excusó con el profesor por su mal comportamiento en clase.The student apologized to the teacher for his bad behavior in class.
transitive verb
1. (disculpar a) 
a. to excuse 
2. (disculparse por) 
a. to apologize for 
3. (evitar) (Spain) 
a. to avoid 
excuso decir que…there's no need for me to say that…
pronominal verb
4. (general) 
a. to apologize, to excuse oneself 
transitive verb
1 (disculpar) to excuse
excúsame con los otros apologize to the others for me
2 (evitar) [+disgustos] to avoid; prevent
así excusamos disgustos this way we avoid difficulties; podemos excusar lo otro we can forget about the rest of it; we don't have to bother with the rest; excusamos decirle que ... we don't have to tell you that ...; por eso excuso escribirte más largo so I can save myself the trouble of writing at greater length
3 (eximir) to exempt;de from
pronominal verb
excusarse (disculparse) to apologize;con to
excusarse de haber hecho algo to apologize for having done sth
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excuse me 
Verb Conjugations for excusar
Gerund: excusando
Participle: excusado
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