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sustantivo [ɪksˈkjuːs]
1. excusa (f)
  • to make an excuse, to make excuses disculparse, excusarse
  • a poor excuse for a car una porquería de coche
verbo transitivo [ɪksˈkjuːz]
2. disculpar, excusar (forgive)
  • excuse me! ¡perdón!, ¡oiga (por favor)!; (to attract attention) ¿me permite? (when trying to get past)
  • excuse me? ¿cómo? (what did you say?)
3. eximir (exempt)(from de)
  • to excuse oneself disculparse, excusarse (give excuse)
(justification) excusa (f); disculpa (f); (pretext) pretexto (m)
there's no excuse for this esto no admite disculpa; it's only an excuse es un pretexto nada más; on the excuse that ... con el pretexto de que ...; to make excuses for sb presentar disculpas por algn; he's only making excuses está buscando pretextos; he made his excuses and left presentó sus excusas y se marchó; he gives poverty as his excuse alega su pobreza; what's your excuse this time? ¿qué excusa or disculpa me das esta vez?
transitive verb
1 (forgive) disculpar; perdonar
to excuse sb sth perdonar algo a algn; excuse me! (asking a favour) por favor; perdón; (interrupting sb) perdóneme; (when passing) perdón; con permiso; (sorry) ¡perdón!; (on leaving table) ¡con permiso!; excuse me? (US) ¿perdone?; ¿mande?; (Méx) now, if you will excuse me ... con permiso ...; if you will excuse me I must go con permiso de ustedes tengo que marcharme; may I be excused for a moment? ¿puedo salir un momento?
2 (justify) justificar
that does not excuse his conduct eso no justifica su conducta; to excuse o.s. (for sth/for doing sth) pedir disculpas (por algo/por haber hecho algo)
3 (exempt)
to excuse sb (from sth/from doing sth) dispensar or eximir a algn (de algo/de hacer algo); to excuse o.s. (from sth/from doing sth) dispensarse (de algo/de hacer algo); after ten minutes he excused himself después de diez minutos pidió permiso y se fue; to ask to be excused pedir permiso; I must ask to be excused this time esta vez les ruego que me dispensen or disculpen


transitive verb
1. to excuse (disculpar a); to apologize for (disculparse por)
2. to avoid (evitar) (peninsular Spanish)
  • excuso decir que… there's no need for me to say that…
pronominal verb
1. to apologize, to excuse oneself
transitive verb
1 (disculpar) to excuse
excúsame con los otros apologize to the others for me
2 (evitar) [+disgustos] to avoid; prevent
así excusamos disgustos this way we avoid difficulties; podemos excusar lo otro we can forget about the rest of it; we don't have to bother with the rest; excusamos decirle que ... we don't have to tell you that ...; por eso excuso escribirte más largo so I can save myself the trouble of writing at greater length
3 (eximir) to exempt;de from
pronominal verb
excusarse (disculparse) to apologize;con to
excusarse de haber hecho algo to apologize for having done sth
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Gerund: excusando
Participle: excusado
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