Excited in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. entusiasmado(a), emocionado(a)
  • to get excited (about) entusiasmarse or emocionarse (con)
excited [ɪkˈsaɪtɪd]
1 (exhilarated) [+adult] entusiasmado; [+child] excitado; alborotado; [+voice, chatter] excitado; [+cry, shout] de excitación
he was so excited he could hardly sleep scientists are excited because the fossils are the first direct evidence that ... "you mean she's coming today?" she said in an excited voice There were hundreds of excited children to meet us the excited dog jumped up and down when he saw his lead she was so excited that she couldn't sit still to be excited [about] sth
I'm very excited about the new house la nueva casa me hace mucha ilusión; estoy muy ilusionado or entusiasmado con la nueva casa
he was excited about going on holiday I'm really excited about it he is excited [at] the prospect he was excited [to] hear of this development
to get excited (about sth) entusiasmarse (con algo)
the children are getting excited about the trip los niños están cada vez más ilusionados or más entusiasmados con la idea del viaje
when I told her the news she got very excited
don't get excited, I only said she might come ¡tranquilízate!, solo dije que puede que venga; it's nothing to get excited about no es para tanto
2 (agitated) [+person, animal] agitado; nervioso; [+crowd] alborotado; [+state] de agitación; de nerviosismo; [+voice] nervioso; excitado
excited voices were shouting that the road was blocked by soldiers we heard excited voices shouting their demands for equal rights/fair treatment You're wrong, quite wrong! Henry cried out, suddenly excited. I'm not like that at all.
to get excited [+person] excitarse; ponerse nervioso; [+crowd] alborotarse; [+discussion] acalorarse
don't get excited! I'm not suggesting that ... ¡no te excites! or ¡no te pongas nervioso! or ¡no te acalores! no estoy sugiriendo que ...
3 (sexually) excitado
to get excited excitarse
4 (Fís) [+atom, molecule] excitado
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