transitive verb
1. (person) 
a. entusiasmar, emocionar 
2. (feeling, passion) 
a. excitar, estimular 
3. (envy, interest) 
a. suscitar 
excite [ɪkˈsaɪt]
transitive verb
1 (make excited) entusiasmar
what excites me about the idea is ... lo que me entusiasma or me parece excitante de la idea es ...; don't excite yourself, Grandpa no te excites or agites, abuelo
I only take on work that excites me, even if it means turning down lots of money the prospect of living in Italy for a year excited her the director was excited by the script
2 (arouse) [+curiosity, admiration, envy] provocar; suscitar; [+enthusiasm, interest] despertar; suscitar; [+anger, passion] provocar; [+imagination] estimular; [+desire] incitar; despertar
to excite enthusiasm/interest in sb the issue has excited a great deal of debate
3 (sexually) excitar
4 (Fís) [+atom, particle] excitar
5 (Med) [+nerve, heart] excitar
transitive verb
1. (inquietar) 
a. to upset, to agitate 
2. (estimular; sentidos) 
a. to stimulate 
3. (apetito) 
a. to whet 
4. (curiosidad, interés) 
a. to excite 
5. (sexualmente) 
a. to arouse 
pronominal verb
6. (alterarse) 
a. to get worked up o excited 
7. (sexualmente) 
a. to become aroused 
transitive verb
1 (intranquilizar) to get worked up; get excited
no veas el partido porque te excita mucho don't watch the game, it'll get you worked up o excited; el café me excita coffee makes me hyper (familiar)
2 (entusiasmar) to make excited
la buena noticia lo excitó tanto que ya no pudo dormir the good news made him so excited he couldn't get to sleep
3 (provocar) [+curiosidad] to arouse; excite; [+sentimiento] to arouse; provoke; [+apetito] to stimulate
4 (sexualmente) to arouse; excite
5 (Biología) (Electricidad y Eléctronica) (Física) to excite
6 (incitar) to rouse; incite
excitar al pueblo a la rebelión to rouse the populace to rebellion
pronominal verb
1 (intranquilizarse) to get worked up
no te excites por esa tontería don't get worked up about such nonsense
2 (entusiasmarse) to get excited
se excitó mucho cuando su equipo marcó el gol she got very excited when her team scored
3 (sexualmente) to get aroused; get excited
Verb Conjugations for excitar
Gerund: excitando
Participle: excitado
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