transitive verb
1. (to thrill) 
The prospect of traveling to Fiji had really excited us until we heard about the hurricane.La posibilidad de viajar a Fiji nos había entusiasmado muchísimo hasta que nos enteramos del huracán.
b. emocionar 
Nothing excites them like watching a soccer game.Nada los emociona más que ver un partido de fútbol.
2. (to sexually arouse) 
a. excitar 
My girlfriend tried to excite me with a feather last night, but it just tickled more than anything.Mi novia intentó excitarme con una pluma anoche, pero más que nada me dio cosquillas.
3. (to incite) 
a. despertar 
The new restaurant in the neighborhood excited my interest, but it turns out it's not that great.El nuevo restaurante del barrio despertó mi interés, pero resulta que no es para tanto.
b. provocar 
It always excited jealousy in her to see her boyfriend getting along with his boss so well.Siempre le provocó celos ver a su novio llevarse tan bien con su jefa.
c. suscitar 
This pianist has excited a lot of enthusiasm in the world of jazz.Este pianista ha suscitado mucho entusiasmo en el mundo del jazz.
4. (to disturb) 
a. agitar 
Let your father rest and try not to excite him during recovery.Deje descansar a su padre y trate de no agitarlo durante su recuperación.
5. (physics) 
a. excitar 
Applying heat to the solution excites the molecules.Aplicar calor a la solución excita las moléculas.
transitive verb
1. (person) 
a. entusiasmar, emocionar 
2. (feeling, passion) 
a. excitar, estimular 
3. (envy, interest) 
a. suscitar 
excite [ɪkˈsaɪt]
transitive verb
1 (make excited) entusiasmar
what excites me about the idea is ... lo que me entusiasma or me parece excitante de la idea es ...; don't excite yourself, Grandpa no te excites or agites, abuelo
I only take on work that excites me, even if it means turning down lots of money the prospect of living in Italy for a year excited her the director was excited by the script
2 (arouse) [+curiosity, admiration, envy] provocar; suscitar; [+enthusiasm, interest] despertar; suscitar; [+anger, passion] provocar; [+imagination] estimular; [+desire] incitar; despertar
to excite enthusiasm/interest in sb the issue has excited a great deal of debate
3 (sexually) excitar
4 (Fís) [+atom, particle] excitar
5 (Med) [+nerve, heart] excitar
excite is a conjugated form of the verb excitar - View Conjugation


transitive verb
1. (to intrigue) 
a. to arouse 
La tapa y el título del libro excitaron mi interés y decidí leerlo.The book cover and the title aroused my interest so I decided to read it.
b. to excite 
La matemática no es un área que despierte mi curiosidad.Mathematics is not a subject that excites my curiosity.
El olor a carne asada a la parrilla me excitó el apetito.The smell of meat cooking on the grill stimulated my appetite.
d. to rouse 
El político excitó a la multitud con su retórica emotiva.The politician roused the crowd with this moving rhetoric.
2. (to overexcite) 
Beber tantas bebidas energizantes te excitarán.Drinking so many energy drinks will make you hyper.
3. (to make agitated) 
Esta carta te va a excitar. ¡Te aceptaron en la universidad que elegiste!This letter will get you excited. You've been accepted to the college you applied for!
Las malas noticias excitaron a Cristóbal y casi volteó una mesa tirándola.The bad news got Cristobal worked up and he nearly flipped over a table.
c. to rouse 
El retraso del vuelo excitó la furia de los pasajeros.The flight delay roused the fury of the passengers.
4. (to stimulate sexually) 
a. to arouse 
Mi novio comenzó a besarme y tocarme para excitarme.My boyfriend began kissing and touching me to arouse me.
b. to excite 
La escena erótica de la película me excitó.The erotic scene of the movie excited me.
5. (biology) 
a. to excite 
El estímulo excitó a las células sensoriales.The stimulus excited the sensory cells.
El glutamato excita a las células nerviosas.Glutamate stimulates the neurocytes.
pronominal verb
6. (to become agitated) 
Me excité y no podía quedarme quieto en la silla. Estaba muy nervioso.I got worked up and I couldn't keep still in my seat. I was very nervous.
7. (to get thrilled) 
Me excité muchísimo cuando mi amiga de Japón me dijo que vendría a visitarme pronto.I got really excited when my friend from Japan told me she'd be visiting me soon.
8. (to get sexually stimulated) 
Muchos clientes se excitan cuando reciben un masaje.Many customers get aroused when they receive a massage.
Leí los primeros dos capítulos de la novela erótica y me excité.I read the first two chapters of the erotic novel and I got excited.
transitive verb
1. (inquietar) 
a. to upset, to agitate 
2. (estimular; sentidos) 
a. to stimulate 
3. (apetito) 
a. to whet 
4. (curiosidad, interés) 
a. to excite 
5. (sexualmente) 
a. to arouse 
pronominal verb
6. (alterarse) 
a. to get worked up o excited 
7. (sexualmente) 
a. to become aroused 
transitive verb
1 (intranquilizar) to get worked up; get excited
no veas el partido porque te excita mucho don't watch the game, it'll get you worked up o excited; el café me excita coffee makes me hyper (familiar)
2 (entusiasmar) to make excited
la buena noticia lo excitó tanto que ya no pudo dormir the good news made him so excited he couldn't get to sleep
3 (provocar) [+curiosidad] to arouse; excite; [+sentimiento] to arouse; provoke; [+apetito] to stimulate
4 (sexualmente) to arouse; excite
5 (Biología) (Electricidad y Eléctronica) (Física) to excite
6 (incitar) to rouse; incite
excitar al pueblo a la rebelión to rouse the populace to rebellion
pronominal verb
1 (intranquilizarse) to get worked up
no te excites por esa tontería don't get worked up about such nonsense
2 (entusiasmarse) to get excited
se excitó mucho cuando su equipo marcó el gol she got very excited when her team scored
3 (sexualmente) to get aroused; get excited
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