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1. intercambio (m) (of prisoners, ideas)
  • in exchange (for) a cambio (de)
  • there was a heated exchange hubo un acalorado intercambio verbal
  • exchange of contracts (comercio) acto (m) notarial de compraventa
  • exchange visit visita (f) de intercambio
2. cambio (m) (finanzas) (of currency)
  • exchange controls controles (m) de cambio (monetario)
  • exchange rate tipo (m) or tasa (f) de cambio (Am)
  • exchange rate mechanism mecanismo (m) de los tipos de cambio
  • (Stock) exchange mercado (m) de valores, bolsa (f)
  • (telephone) exchange central (f) telefónica, centralita (f)
transitive verb
3. intercambiar ; descambiar (faulty goods)
  • to exchange something for something cambiar algo por algo
  • to exchange glances intercambiar miradas
exchange [ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ]
1 (act) [of prisoners, publications, stamps] intercambio (m); canje (m); [of ideas, information, contracts] intercambio (m)
in exchange for a cambio de; exchange of gunfire tiroteo (m); exchange of views cambio (m) de impresiones; exchange of words diálogo (m)
2 (barter) trueque (m)
3 (Economics) [of currency] cambio (m)
foreign exchange (money) divisas (f); moneda (f) extranjera
4 (building) (for trade in corn, cotton) lonja (f); (stock exchange) bolsa (f)
(telephone) exchange (public) central (f) telefónica; (private) centralita (f); conmutador (m); (LAm)
transitive verb
1 (gen) cambiar;for por; [+prisoners, publications, stamps] canjear;for por;with con; [+greetings, shots] cambiar; [+courtesies] hacerse; [+blows] darse
we exchanged glances nos miramos el uno al otro; cruzamos una mirada
2 (barter) trocar
exchange control (n) control (m) de cambios
exchange rate (n) tipo (m) de cambio
Exchange Rate Mechanism (n) mecanismo (m) de paridades or de cambio del Sistema Monetario Europeo
exchange restrictions (n) restricciones (f) monetarias
exchange value (n) contravalor (m)
exchange visit (n) visita (f) de intercambio
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