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1. exactamente
  • exactly! ¡exacto!
  • not exactly no precisamente; (not very) no exactamente (as a reply)
exactly [ɪɡˈzæktlɪ]
[+know, resemble] exactamente; [+calculate, measure, describe] exactamente; con precisión
at exactly five o'clock a las cinco en punto
I had exactly £3
what did you tell him exactly? what exactly did you tell him? ¿qué le dijiste exactamente?
that's exactly what I was thinking eso es exactamente lo que yo estaba pensando; he's exactly like his father es exactamente igual que su padre; es clavado a su padre (informal); nobody knows who exactly will be in charge nadie sabe con exactitud quién será el encargado; I wanted to get everything exactly right quería hacerlo todo a la perfección; "do you mean that we are stuck here?" — "exactly!" —¿quieres decir que no nos podemos mover de aquí? —¡exacto! or —¡efectivamente!; he wasn't exactly pleased no estaba precisamente contento; no estaba muy contento, que digamos; it's not exactly interesting no es lo que se dice interesante; "is she sick?" — "not exactly" —¿está enferma? —no exactamente
He didn't exactly say no, but ... it is 3 o'clock exactly You've exactly one hour to complete the test I wanted to know exactly where my mother was buried "so I was wrong" - "exactly"
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