1. (eternal) 
a. eterno 
The couple pledged their everlasting love to one another in their marriage ceremony.La pareja se prometió amor eterno durante la ceremonia de su matrimonio.
b. perpetuo 
The group of friends forged an everlasting bond when they were in elementary school.El grupo de amigos forjó un vínculo perpertuo cuando estaban en la escuela primaria.
His quest for everlasting fame brought him everlasting infamy.Su búsqueda por la fama imperecedera lo llevó a la infamia.
1. (general) 
a. eterno(a), perpetuo(a) 
everlasting [ˌevəˈlɑːstɪŋ]
(eternal) [+gratitude, shame, regret] eterno; [+fame] imperecedero
everlasting life la vida eterna; to her everlasting regret, she refused the offer para su eterno arrepentimiento, rechazó la oferta
to their everlasting shame, they did nothing about it she was tired of listening to his everlasting grumbling
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our bond is everlasting
nuestro vínculo es eterno
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