feminine noun
1. heater (calefacción), fire (British); stove (Mexican Spanish)
  • estufa de gas (cocina) -> gas fire

estufa [es-too'-fah]
1. A stove, heater (calentador). (f)
  • Estufa de gas -> gas heater
  • Estufa eléctrica -> electric heater
2. A warm, close room, a hothouse. (f)
3. A drying-chamber, hot closet, dry bath. (f)
4. A small brazier used to warm the feet. (f)

1 (para calentarse) heater
estufa de gas gas heater
estufa de petróleo oil heater
estufa eléctrica electric fire
2 (Agr) hothouse
criar a algn en estufa to pamper sb
3 (México) stove

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