masculine noun
1. platform
  • subir al estrado -> to go up on to the platform; (orador) to enter the witness box(testigo) (British), to take the stand (United States)

estrado [es-trah'-do]
1. Drawing-room where company is received, guest chamber. (m)
2. Carpets and other embellishments of a drawing-room. (m)
  • Entrados -> halls where courts of justice hold their sittings
3. Baker's table for holding the loaves to be put into the oven. (m)
4. A platform on which the royal throne is placed. (m)

1 (tarima) platform; (Música) bandstand
estrado del testigo witness stand
2 estrados (Jur) law courts
citar a algn para estrados to subpoena sb

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