está triste

está triste
1. (he, she, or it is unhappy; third person singular) 
a. he's sad (masculine) 
¿Qué le pasa a tu hermano? - Está triste porque lo dejó su novia.What's wrong with your brother? - He's sad because his girlfriend dumped him.
b. she's sad (feminine) 
¿Hablaste con Andrea? Está triste porque murió su gato.Did you talk to Andrea? She's said because he cat died.
c. it's sad 
Mira el mono en la jaula. ¿Crees que está triste?Look at the monkey in the cage. Do you think it's sad?
2. (formal) (you are unhappy; second person singular) 
Si está triste, no dude en llamarme.If you're said, don't hesitate to give me a call.
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