está cansado

está cansado
1. (he needs rest; third person singular) 
Está cansado porque estuvo todo el día trabajando.He's tired because he's been working all day long.
2. (formal) (you need rest; second person singular) 
Si está cansado, no conduzca.If you're tired, don't drive.
3. (he's fed up; third person singular) 
Juan va a renunciar. Está cansado de tener que soportar a su jefe.Juan is going to resign. He's tired of having to put up with his boss.
4. (formal) (you're fed up; second person singular) 
¿Por qué no se muda a otra ciudad si está cansado de vivir aquí?Why don't you move to a new city if you're tired of living here?
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