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feminine noun
1. bone (de pez); thorn (de planta); splinter (astilla)
  • me da mala espina (informal) it makes me uneasy, there's something fishy about it
  • todavía tengo clavada la espina de no haber ido a la universidad I still feel bad about not having gone to university
  • sacarse una espina (figurative) to settle an old score; (desquitarse) to relieve a long-standing frustration (desahogarse)
  • espina dorsal spine; backbone (figurative)
1 (Botánica) [de rosal] thorn; [de chumbera] prickle
mala espina spite; resentment; ill-will
me da mala espina it makes me suspicious
estar en espinas to be on tenterhooks; be all on edge
sacarse la espina to get even; pay off an old score
2 [de pez] bone
3 (Anatomía) (also espina dorsal) spine
doblar la espina to bend over
espina bífida spina bifida
4 (problema) worry; suspicion
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