feminine noun
1. ear (de cereal)
2. herringbone (en telas)
3. peg (pieza) (de madera); pin (de hierro)

espiga [es-pee’-gah]
1. Ear, the spike or head of corn (trigo); that part which contains the seed. (f)
2. Tenon, the end of a piece of timber fitted into another (clavija). (f)
3. Fuse of a bomb or shell. (f)
4. Distance between the last collar of the top-gallant masts and the summit or acorn; sail of a galley. (Nautical) (f)
  • Espiga céltica -> a valerian
  • Espiga de agua -> (Bot.) pondweed

1 (Botánica) [de trigo] ear; [de flores] spike
2 (Técnica) (gen) spigot; [de pestillo] shaft; [de cuchillo, herramienta] tang;
3 (badajo) clapper
4 (Mil) fuse
5 (Náutica) masthead

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