masculine noun
1. stalk of asparagus
  • espárragos -> asparagus
  • espárragos trigueros -> wild asparagus
  • ¡vete a freír espárragos! (informal) -> get lost!

espárrago [es-par'-rah-go]
1. Sprout of asparagus. (Botany) (m)
  • Solo como el espárrago -> (coll.) As lonely as asparagus; every stalk growing by itself
  • Espárrago triguero -> wild asparagus
  • Mandar a uno a freír espárragos -> to tell somebody to go to hell
2. Pole to support an awning. (m)

estar hecho un espárrago to be as thin as a rake o rail; (EEUU)
mandar a algn a freír espárragos to tell sb to get lost; tell sb to go jump in a lake (familiar); tell sb to get stuffed (muy_familiar); tell sb where to get off (familiar)
¡vete a freír espárragos! get lost!; go jump in a lake! (familiar); get stuffed! (muy_familiar)
espárrago triguero wild asparagus

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